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When to Enjoy Your Vintage Ports

June 30, 2013
Question by: John, Barnet, GB


Advice please. Over time I have been given or purchased the following bottles.  Should I be drinking, keeping or even selling?  Many thanks.  Warres Vintage Port 1977, Taylors Vintage Port 1980, Quarles Harris Tercentenay Vintage Port 1980, Grahams Malvedos Vintage Port 1986, Taylor's Quinta de Vargellas Vintage port 1996, Grahams Vintage Port 2000, Dows Crusted Port bottled 2000.  Any help or advice warmly welcomed.

1983 Gould Campbell Vintage Port

May 17, 2013
Question by: Gil, Great Britain via Mobile


I have a case of 1983 Gould Campbell Vintage Port.  Is it ready for drinking?  Also how much would the case now be worth?

Australian Fortified Wine

May 15, 2013
Question by: Matt, Adelaide, Australia


I attended an auction and was a little sentimental about the 1980 (my birth year) Limited Release Orlando VP's. I ended up with 3 bottles. Do you know what they would be valued at and any advice on drinking windows. They are being stored in a cellar.

Auction Purchase

May 15, 2013
Question by: Vince, Liverpool, GB


Good evening, I recently purchased two bottles of vintage port from a local auction room. It was an impulse purchase as they were only 2 of about 6 single bottles in this general antique sale. One was a Taylors 1960 with Harrods Ltd on the label, the other was a Sandeman vintage 1960 bottled in '62. I paid £35 and £45 respectively for each. Has this been a good purchase and when should I ideally drink these.  Many thanks for your assistance.

Dow's 1991 Vintage Port

April 17, 2013
Question by: Robbie, Bury St. Edmonds, UK


Having just turned 18, I recently found out I've had 6 bottles of Dow's 1991 cellared for me since my christening by my godfather.  I was just wondering about the condition of this Port, and whether it's worth drinking or selling?  Also, an estimate of value for the 6 bottles would be appreciated. Thanks!

Warre's Late Bottled Vintage 1981

March 15, 2013
Question by: Robert, Ottowa, Canada


I purchased a case of Warre’s LBV 1981 to mark the birth year of my son.  Could you kindly refer me to any information on that bottling – and your appreciation of its life expectancy.  My son stands up a bottle on special occasions and he has more than 3/4 of the case left.

Warre's Porto Cintra

March 15, 2013
Question by: Hubert, Denmark


I found a bottle in the cellar: Porto Cintra, Grand Corona, of Warre.  Unfortunately, I can't find a picture, to determine which is the vintage wine.  Can you help me?

Which Vintage to Enjoy?

February 4, 2013
Question by: Leonard, New York, USA


Which of the following Vintage Ports is best to drink at an 80th Birthday celebration considering the trade off between vintner quality and maturity?  Burmester 1985, Graham's 2000, Taylor Fladgate 2003

Storing Vintage Port

February 4, 2013
Question by: Elizabeth, Great Britain


How long should I store Fonseca 1963?

Late Bottled Vintage Port

January 11, 2013
Question by: Ian, Nashville, USA


I have 2 bottles Warre's 1969 Late Bottled Vintage, bottled in 1973, should i drink it or sell it? thanks.

Old Bottles of Port

January 10, 2013
Question by: Sue, via Mobile


My husband and I are currently clearing my mother in laws house and found 4 bottles of port which we estimate are between 15-25 yr old we have a vintage, a special reserve and a ruby port. I don't think in any way they are collectible or valuable but I would like to know if they are safe to drink and if not how we'd know they have gone off.

When to enjoy 1983 and 1955 Vintage Ports

January 4, 2013
Question by: Roger, via Mobile


I've one bottle of Warre's 1983 and one bottle of Warre's 1955. When will they be " over the top" for drinking?

1979 Port

November 21, 2012
Question by: Connie, Cambridge


What can you tell me about Port wine Real Companhia Velha Vintage 1979 and when should it be drunk by?  Thanks.

Australian Fortified Wine

October 6, 2012
Question by: Sam, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia


I have a bottle of BANARA, 1979 Vintage Port. 750ml., Product Of Australia, Vintaged and bottled by C.H.KNEZOVIC & CO, Banara Wines, Benara Road. Caversham. Western Australia.  I bought it from Perth in year 2000, still kept in shelf.  Is it safe to drink it? (after so many years!)  Does it carry any market value nowadays?

1977 Vintage Port

October 1, 2012
Question by: Deborah, Cambridge, UK


I have a bottle of Fonseca's finest 1977 Vintage Port, bottled in Oporto, bought from Harrods, does it have a value or will I just drink it?

How Long to Store Port?

September 25, 2012
Question by: Rui (Mobile)


For how long should I store a bottle of Port?

Dow's Finest Reserve 1988

September 23, 2012
Question by: Donald (Mobile)


A friend of mine has a bottle of Dow's Finest Reserve 1988 port to sell but not sure about the price, could you advise?

Graham's Quinta dos Malvedos 1982 Vintage Port

September 23, 2012
Question by: Anne, Edinburgh, UK


Hello,  I have a friend who is not computer literate and has asked me to enquire about a bottle of vintage port that he has in his possession. The details are as follows:  Malvedos 1982 Vintage Port, Bottled in 1984, OPORTO, Portugal.

Can you give me any information about this port?  Anything would be of use.  I can forward a photo of the bottle if required.  Excuse me for being ignorant about Port, but I am just trying to help an old friend who used to know the wine trade in the 50's and 60's.

Old Bottle of Reserve Tawny

September 23, 2012
Question by: Mary, Mount Juliet TN, USA


I have a bottle of Delaforce Reserve Tawny Porto.  I think this wine is from 1982 or it valuable, and is it still worthy to drink?

Life Expectancy and Best Age to Enjoy Vintage Port

September 22, 2012
Question by: Damien, (Mobile)


Typically how long does vintage port hold and what is its optimum drinking period?

Selling Late Bottled Vintage Port

September 22, 2012
Question by: Karen (Mobile)


I have a Late Bottled 1978 Taylors Vintage Port...I would like to sell.

Perfect Age for Vintage Port

September 22, 2012
Question by: George, East Sussex, GB


I am trying to find out what age Offley Boa Vista 1985 Vintage Port would be perfectly matured and should be sold? I have 12 bottles in an unopened crate which have been carefully stored for its entire life.

Storing Vintage Port

September 20, 2012
Question by: Christiane, Paris, France


How to store vintage port ?   Thank you in advance for your answer.

Indication of Age Tawnies

September 13, 2012
Question by: Jeff, New York, USA


An age old question (pun intended) came up again about the labeling of Tawny ports while enjoying a bottle of Grahams 20 Year Old Tawny.  While common convention dictates that the age of the tawny indicates the average age of the wines in the bottle, my understanding is that current IVDP laws regulate that as long as the wine subjectively taste like a particular age characteristic the bottle can be labeled as such.  Is my understanding correct that a majority of port houses actually adhere to the IVDP interpretation and not what common sense dictates?

Sunlight and Wine Storage

July 9, 2012
Question by: Pedro, Oeiras, Portugal


Hello there! First off, you were kind enough to answer my first question in May regarding the effect of temperature on wine. After some consideration, I bought a wine cooler in order to keep temperatures in check (I figured that with global warming, things will only get worse on my non-AC apartment :) ). My question is, I have the wine cooler (transparent double glass, but non-UV filter) in the kitchen, where there is ambient light from the windows. Although there is no direct sunlight hitting the wine cooler, should I consider some sort of film darkening the inside of the cooler?

Off Scents or Flavours

June 26, 2012
Question by: Alex, Bracknell, UK


Like all wines, Vintage Port suffers from the very occasional bottle that has suffered a problem during production or more usually storage so that the port is damaged when the bottle is opened.  Too much exposure to light can lead to a pale and flavourless drink, too much heat to lots of stewed flavours, and so on.  I have been lucky enough to drink enough port over the years to have got to recognise the different flaws and know how they have been caused.  Except for one!

Over the past 5 years and 2000+ bottles, I have tasted from two bottles of vintage port which have been really odd.  These two bottles were both quite old port (50+ years). Both had an overwhelming smell in the glass, smelling of bread and yeast - some others described the smell as that of gloss paint.  No-one was brave enough to taste the port.

Do you have any idea what might have caused this odd spoilage?  It wasn't volatile acidity or TCA taint.  Could it have been a bacterial infection of the port in some way?

Laying Down Port For the Future

May 13, 2012
Question by: Joe, Toronto, Canada


I am totally naive when it comes to anything about wine.  I would like to purchase a case of wine from the year 2008 (my twin girls yr of birth).  I would like to keep it until their 21st birthday or even longer (perhaps wedding).  What am I looking for and where do I start?  Thanks in Advance.

Temperature Variation in Storage

May 13, 2012
Question by: Pedro, Oeiras, Portugal


Hi there, Port Wine has always had some mystique to me since a kid, which developed as, for the past 10 years, having a glass of (tawny, typically) Port almost every night. I've developed a short but nice collection of bottles (Vintage and Tawny) including some bottles of Dow 1994 and 2007, Graham's 2003 and 2007. I live in an apartment, no AC, which means the temperature varies with the weather outside, and although I keep the wine in the coolest place of the house and darkest, it is still subjected to variations.

I've been considering buying a Wine Fridge, but some things on the whole "wine temperature" raised some questions in my head. Some of the more renowned Port wines in history are from the 60's. I seriously doubt they were stored at 15 Celsius. I would believe that, even in cellars, the temperature variation would be steep, and still, there are some classics in there. So, does temperature variation really matter that much?

Also, I would be interested in your opinion as to how long after buying should a tawny (= 20 years) be consumed... Thanks & Regards

Old Bottle of Graham's Ruby Port

April 25, 2012
Question by: Sophie, Petersfield, GB


A relative recently passed away and when clearing the house we stumbled across this 'Grahams Ruby Port' with no date that I can see. Although it looks old, with a yellowed and slightly mold damaged label, it has a screw top with the seal not broken. On the bottom of the bottle are clear letters reading 'Luis Gordon & Sons Ltd Domeco Sherries' and the numbers 2140-22. Is there much value in this or can I simply open and enjoy?  Thanks for your help.

Best Age to Enjoy Vintage Port

March 19, 2012
Question by: Ray, IE


From what age can you drink Vintage Port?  Does it vary between vintages?

Warre's 1991

March 19, 2012
Question by: Mrs Mason, Kendal, GB


My son was given a bottle of Warres 1991 Vintage Port on his christening 16yrs ago and this had been kept in the cellar in a wooden box, lying down.  Should I keep it there until it's ready to drink and also is it worth anything.

Old Theophilus Port

March 5, 2012
Question by: Paul, East Farley, GB


My stepfather opened a bottle of Old Theophilus Port this evening that has been handed down to him by his mother. On further inspection, the label says "to appointment to the King", so this is clearly a pre-1952 vintage. On sampling it, it is a lovely tawny port. I have tried to research more about it, but there is no information at the usual sources. Would you know anything more about this Port ?

Coreira's Vintage Port 1977

February 24, 2012
Question by: Dimi, Ravels, BE


When I was searching the internet, couldn't find any information about this port:  Coreira's 1977 Vintage Port, back label: bottled and shipped by the Douro Wine Shippers and Growers Association.  Can you tell me anything about the house and drinkability?

Graham's 1983 Vintage Port

February 17, 2012
Question by: Wendy, Meerhout, Belgium


When is the best time to drink this Graham's 1983 Vintage Port or can it stay even more years in the bottle. How much is it worth?

1963 Vintage Ports

January 2, 2012
Question by: Andrew, Selborne, GB


Is 1963 vintage port too old?

Dow's 1966

December 19, 2011
Question by: Darren, Plymouth, UK


Hi, I was gifted a bottle of 1966 Dow Vintage Port last year and since then has sat upright in its presentation box in my kitchen approx 3ft away from my gas hob. This is obviously not an ideal place to keep it and would like information on how best to keep it. Secondly, how long will I be able to keep the port before it starts to deteriorate.
Thanks in advance of your reply.

Dow's 1985

December 14, 2011
Question by: Nancy, Leicester, GB


My husband has an unopened case of Dows 1985 vintage port and we are wondering whether we should sell it or drink it! Can you give us an approximate idea of its value and whether it is ready to drink now please

Drinking Dates and Values

December 6, 2011
Question by: Sophie, Hertfordshire, UK


I have a case of Graham's 2000 stored in its original case under bond in the UK and my husband has one bottle of Dow's 1977 Vintage Port stored in our wine fridge at home, can you please give me some idea of drinking dates and value? Thank you for your help.

Food Pairing with Vintage Port

November 7, 2011
Question by: Paulo, LIsboa, Portugal


I would be most grateful if you could tell me what are the best food pairing for young vintage, middle age vintage and old vintage.  Thank you very much.

Smith Woodhouse Madalena 1988

October 26, 2011
Question by: Marino, Horley, Great Britain


Last year I was given a bottle of 1988 Madalena Vintage port I would like to know if this bottle is ready to drink or is better to keep a little longer?

Laying Down Port Without a Cellar

September 30, 2011
Question by: Carson, Washington DC, USA


Good evening,  I recently purchased a bottle of 2005 Burmester Vintage. I must confess to loving, yet being utterly unknowledgeable about, port wines. How should I handle this bottle? I don't have a cellar and am nervous about storing the bottle in the warmer months that will come about nine months from now.  Thanks so much.

1908 Vintage Port

September 12, 2011
Question by: Robin, Great Britain


Please advise if a bottle of Sandeman 1908 port is still drinkable? It was shipped by Sandeman has the year 1908 and bottled 1918 on a brown luggage tag with John Davy on the reverse.

1934 Warre's

September 6, 2011
Question by: Guy, North Carolina, USA


Hello,  I bought a bottle of 1934 Warre's in about 2002 as an investment. It seems the market has deteriorated and its worth about the same as I paid for it. I'm looking for your guidance if you think this is still work drinking in the next year, or is it more of a curiosity and way past its prime. Thank you.

1991 Birth Year Wines

July 11, 2011
Question by: Ben, Great Britain


My son was born in 1991.  if I was to buy a bottle of Vintage Port how long will it stay fresh in the bottle?  The idea is that it would be a long term gift for him to open on his 50th.

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