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How Long Can I Keep Opened Port?

February 5, 2013
Question by: Máirin, Ireland


I see conflicting opinions on many websites on how long various styles of Ports can be kept after opening.  Grateful if you would clarify how long should Ruby, Tawny, Aged Tawny, LBV and Vintage Ports be kept after opening the bottle until they become 'too old' to enjoy!  Many thanks for your answer.

Old Bottles of Port

January 10, 2013
Question by: Sue, via Mobile


My husband and I are currently clearing my mother in laws house and found 4 bottles of port which we estimate are between 15-25 yr old we have a vintage, a special reserve and a ruby port. I don't think in any way they are collectible or valuable but I would like to know if they are safe to drink and if not how we'd know they have gone off.

Old Bottle of Ruby Port

January 8, 2013
Question by: Daryl, California, USA


I was recently gifted a bottle of "Rich Ruby Port" and I cannot seem to find any information at all on it.  It looks VERY old and all the label reads is:
Rich Ruby Port
Shipped and Bottled By
The Directors Wine Club Ltd.
329 High Holborn W ??
Product of Portugal

If you could provide me with any information as to the year this might have come from or any kind of value...basically any information at all would be much appreciated.

Old Bottle of Reserve Port

November 8, 2012
Question by: Don, Mobile


I have a bottle of Tawny Port that I recieved from my grandfather when he passed away back in 2005.  I have a bottle of Hoopers reserve [V N De Gaia Oporto], it's in a basket weave bottle with a seal which is unbroken, and has 'Vila Nova de Gaia' on the label.

How Long to Store Port?

September 25, 2012
Question by: Rui (Mobile)


For how long should I store a bottle of Port?

Gift Box of Port Miniatures

September 19, 2012
Question by: Derek, London


I have a small tin gift box by St Michael (Marks & Spencer) with four miniature bottles of port (1 x vintage character, 1 x tawny 10 years old, 1x white & 1x late bottled vintage) given to me 25 years ago.  it has never been opened.  Is it any good or worth anything?

Dow's 1962 Special Reserve

July 5, 2012
Question by: Windy


I have a bottle of Dow's 1962 Special Reserve bottled in 1972 and would like to find out the value of this vintage. I have searched the web and cannot find this particular bottle. I want to give it to my Son for his 50th birthday and it would be nice to know the value. I can send a picture of the label if that would help.

Dow's Dark Club Port

June 7, 2012
Question by: Simone, Reggia Emilia, Italy


Hello, I'm Italian and I found in a my father´s house a bottle of an old port. In front of the bottle there is:  "Dow's Dark Club Port, Silva Cosens Ltd Oporto". How is it made? And in your opinion it's a good port?  Thanks

Dow's Nirvana

May 28, 2012
Question by: Fredrik, Göteborg, SE


I conduct chocolate and wine tastings and was very intrigued to learn that there was a port specifically made to go well with fine chocolate. Since Dow's Nirvana isn't available in Sweden I was wondering if you know of any way that I could get my hands on a bottle or a case to try it out?

Dow's Port for Harrods

May 2, 2012
Question by: Rebecca, Brisbane, Australia


I have a bottle Harrods Port dow's made in Portugal the bottle number is 256071.  My husband brought it in 1992 in the UK, we were just wondering what it is worth?  My husband can't remember how old it was when he purchased it. It is a 20cl bottle, it has a green label that says Oporto, Harrods Finest Reserve Port bottled by Silva & Cosens Ltd specially selected for Harrods by Dow's Port. It has paper tags stuck under the seal which says ZA 256071 01 Any help would be great.

Old Bottle of Graham's Ruby Port

April 25, 2012
Question by: Sophie, Petersfield, GB


A relative recently passed away and when clearing the house we stumbled across this 'Grahams Ruby Port' with no date that I can see. Although it looks old, with a yellowed and slightly mold damaged label, it has a screw top with the seal not broken. On the bottom of the bottle are clear letters reading 'Luis Gordon & Sons Ltd Domeco Sherries' and the numbers 2140-22. Is there much value in this or can I simply open and enjoy?  Thanks for your help.

Old Bottle of Hooper's Port

April 23, 2012
Question by: Barrie, Liverpool, UK


I have a bottle of Hoopers reserve [V N Degaia Oporto] it's in a basket weave bottle with a seal which is unbroken, and is probably over 50 years old.  Should I drink it or save it?

Old Ruby Port

April 19, 2012
Question by: Ian, Great Yarmouth, UK


I have a bottle of port I was given twenty years ago by a friend  who had owned it for over forty years and wondered whether it was of interest to anyone. It was bottled by John Martin of London Ltd and is labelled simply as an Old Ruby Port bottled in Oporto. It is encased in a woven straw casket and has a Martin's label. I have never heard of them and doubt it is drinkable but wondered if anyone knew of the company and what it may be worth?

Old Bottle of Port

April 19, 2012
Question by: Raelene, Melbourne, Australia


Can you advise age and value of Hoopers Rare Port and if still drinkable.  Label on side of neck has a picture of vine and reads:
CV    630384    64
Bottle encased in wicker basket and has a round label with 5 red stars. Under the stars it reads Rare Port, under that label is the main label which is black it has a crest.  On the left of the crest it reads ALC.  19% VOL.  On the right of the crest it reads Contents 750ml, and then reads:
Rare Port (with a white star at the beginning and end)
(Specially Selected)
Companhia Geral  DA Agricultura Das Vinhas Do Alto Douro, SARL

Old Theophilus Port

March 5, 2012
Question by: Paul, East Farley, GB


My stepfather opened a bottle of Old Theophilus Port this evening that has been handed down to him by his mother. On further inspection, the label says "to appointment to the King", so this is clearly a pre-1952 vintage. On sampling it, it is a lovely tawny port. I have tried to research more about it, but there is no information at the usual sources. Would you know anything more about this Port ?

Ruby Port

February 27, 2012
Question by: Michael, USA


I found a full bottle of Robertson's, Black Label, Ruby, Light Porto, Oporto, Portugal.  Can you tell me about it and its value?  I'm guessing the age is 30-50 years old.

Which Port for a Gift?

January 18, 2012
Question by: Sophie, Middlesborough, GB


I want to buy some port for my Uncle's 50th birthday but I'm not sure which one to buy. I want one that is a good all rounder, affordable and a decent type.

Warre's Ruby Port

December 13, 2011
Question by: Gordon, Torquay, UK


i purchased a bottle of Warre's Ruby port in Portugal in the Eighties, just curious as to how much it may be worth?  The year of the port is 1965.  Thank you

Keeping an Open Bottle of Vintage Port

December 9, 2011
Question by: Tim, Aberdeen, UK


Dear Port Experts,

I am looking to buy a nice vintage bottle of port for Christmas (1977 - 1980). It is unlikely that the whole bottle will be drunk over the festive period and I am concerned that if a half drunk bottle is left for months (I don't drink port every week !) the port will deteriorate in the bottle due to exposure to air inside the bottle. I had planned to decant the full bottle into some smaller bottles reducing this effect and allowing me to store it but I don't know if this will work. Any advice on how I can keep the port at its optimum once opened for a long period i.e months would be much appreciated.

Tawny vs. Port Wines from the same producer

December 2, 2011
Question by: Scott, USA


In general, which is better, a tawny or late bottled vintage port from a high quality producer such as Graham's or Taylor?

Discovered Bottle of Port

November 30, 2011
Question by: Martin, U.K.


Hello, I discovered a bottle of Graham's Six Grapes Port label id LG-108076-01. Could you tell me what age it is and whether it is worth keeping? Thanks.

Port for Christmas

November 25, 2011
Question by: Suzie, Woking, England


Hi there, I've got my father-in-law to be for Secret Santa this year, and he loves a good port. Not being a lover myself, I wondered if you could give me the name of a good, full bodied, fruity port on a budget for around £25 that's sure to please. Your expert advice is much appreciated indeed!

Vintage Port on a Budget

November 3, 2011
Question by: James, Bristol, UK


Hello, I recently went to Le Caprice with my father and tried my very first vintage port, a little late at 21, which was a Grahams 1983. I thought it was fantastic and am now looking to buy a couple of bottles. Could you reccomend a Port around the £40 mark that would be a good alternative? the £70 bottles available are a bit of a stretch for me.

How Long Will it Keep?

October 24, 2011
Question by: David, Coventry, UK


Once opened how long will Port last and how should you store it once opened?

Life in Bottle - Other Port Styles

October 20, 2011
Question by: J, Santander, Spain


In a recent visit to your cellar, I bought several bottles of your wines, namely,

- Grahams 10 Years Tawny Port
- Grahams Finest Reserve

I would appreciate your kindly advising about how much time these wines remain in good condition

aa) Without opening the bottle, and
bb) After opening the bottle.

Please, bear in mind that I live in the north of Spain, which is a rainy and humid country.

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