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Availability of 2011 Vintage Ports in USA

April 24, 2013
Question by: Nathan, USA


Hello,  I would like to know when 2011 vintage ports, in particular Graham's, will be available for purchase in the United States.

1986 Australian Fortified Wine

April 15, 2013
Question by: Jenny, Brisbane, Australia


My son recieved a bottle of Bailey's Vintage Port 1986 for his birth and wasn't to be opened until his 21st Birthday. I broke that bottle and he is turning 21 in June and I am looking to replace the bottle I broke, do you know of this port or have any vintage ports 1986?

Price of a Specific Port Wine

March 15, 2013
Question by: William, Duluth, MN


What is the price of a 750 ml bottle of W.&J. Graham's 1980 Vintage Porto bottled 1982?

2012 Vintage Port

February 4, 2013
Question by: April, Mobile


Hi, just wondering if it is possible to buy a 2012 vintage port? I was wanting to get it as a wedding present for friends that were married in 2012. Thanks.

Small Bottles of Port

January 18, 2013
Question by: Paige, Denver, USA


I'm trying to find mini bottles of Port for my husband for his birthday. He enjoys Port but I don't care for it so that's why I'm trying to find mini bottles in the U.S. so he can open one up and have one glass when he wants and we don't have to waste a larger bottle.  Do you know of any U.S. websites that sell mini bottles of Port? I've been searching but can only find U.K. sites. Thanks!

2012 Vintage Ports

December 24, 2012
Question by: Craig, Colorado Spring, USA


Like many, I am looking to purchase a vintage Port for my grandchild born several weeks ago.  Is there a way to get on a list from different vineyards to be notified about availability?  I would like to be able to give a Christmas card that indicates that a bottle will be forth coming in the future, and don't know how to start the process.

Port for a Christening Present

November 21, 2012
Question by: Julie, Mobile


Hi, we are wanting to buy 2 bottles of port for our godsons christening that can be kept until their 21st birthdays.  Please advise how much I need to spend? I would like it to be Graham's Port as the surname of the children in Graham.

Vintage 2011 ?

October 21, 2012
Question by: Tom, New Jersey, USA


Is there any feeling yet if 2011 will be declared a vintage year?  When will we know for sure?

2006 Vintage Ports

October 6, 2012
Question by: Kevin, Austin, USA


Need advice on purchasing a Vintage year Port near 2006.  I would like to purchase a vintage port near the year of my son's birth to share with him when he turns 21.  He was born in 2006, and I would like to pick a vintage year close in time to his birth.  Any recommendations?

Which Port for a Gift?

October 5, 2012
Question by: Emma, Southampton, GB


My dad is a lover of Port and so I want to buy him a very nice bottle for his 60th birthday but I have no idea what I'm looking for (not being a Port lover myself - sorry!) - so I'm looking for some expert guidance please!  Any pointers you can give would be much appreciated, thank you.

Buying Vintage Port in Chicago

September 20, 2012
Question by: Michael, Chicago, USA


I am new to Chicago and looking for a way to begin adding to my Vintage Port collection, what is the best course of action for selecting Vintage crates?  Any suggestions?

Warre's Grand Reserve Port 1965

July 10, 2012
Question by: Michiel, Tiel, NL


I'm able to buy 12 bottles of Warre's Grand Reserve Port 1965, but I can't find any information about this port on the internet. Can you please inform me about this port, if it probably is in fine conditions or not, and what they are aprox worth at this time?

2010 Vintage Port Availability

July 6, 2012
Question by: Emily, York, England


Can you please tell me if it is still possible to purchase any of the 2010 Symington vintage and if so, if you know of a retailer near York, or indeed anywhere in England, who will sell it to me? I would like a case, ideally.  Thank you very much, in anticipation.

Laying Down Port For the Future

May 13, 2012
Question by: Joe, Toronto, Canada


I am totally naive when it comes to anything about wine.  I would like to purchase a case of wine from the year 2008 (my twin girls yr of birth).  I would like to keep it until their 21st birthday or even longer (perhaps wedding).  What am I looking for and where do I start?  Thanks in Advance.

Finding Old Ports In the USA

May 9, 2012
Question by: Lori, Wilmington DE, USA


I am looking for a 1962 bottle of Port for my husbands 50th birthday. I see on your site there is Graham's Quinta dos Malvedos and Dow's Quinta do Bomfim. Do you know where I can purchase a bottle in the United States?  Thanks in advance for your help!

Purchasing 2010 Vintage Ports - USA

May 9, 2012
Question by: Mark, Wisconsin, USA


I am interested in purchasing Dow’s Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira Vintage Port 2010 in commemoration of the birth of my first child in 2010.  Are there any online distributors who sell this vintage?

Buying Port in Pennsylvania

May 8, 2012
Question by: Steven, Pennsylvania, USA


I had a question regarding purchasing Port wine online.  I live in the state of Pennsylvania which does not obtain, at least in my immediate area, a vast selection of Port wines, in particular Vintage Ports.  I was curious to know your recommendations of reputable importers or websites where I could purchase Port wine.  I am always concerned that some importers or warehouses don't properly store wine, thus I would pay for a poorly stored or kept wine.

Purchasing 2010 Vintage Ports - Italy

May 7, 2012
Question by: Antonio, Rome, Italy


Could you help me to find a distributor or retailer near me to buy the Dow’s Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira Vintage Port 2010 ?  Thanks

Purchasing 2010 Vintage Ports - UK

May 7, 2012
Question by: Tim, Palo Alto, CA, USA


I'm living in California at the moment, but will be back in the UK before long.  I'd like to buy some of the Quinta 2010 vintage that you've just released en primeur.  What is the best company to do that with?  I'm a member of the Wine Society and account holder at Berry Brothers. Thanks so much for your help.

Vintage 2010 Availability

May 2, 2012
Question by: Timothy, Worcester, UK


Can you please suggest where and when I might be able to obtain one of your 2010 vintages en primeur? Many thanks.

2010 Vintage Port Announcements

May 2, 2012
Question by: Robin, London, GB


Can you please advise whether you or any of the other port houses have declared 2010 a vintage year or not. Thanks

Corkless Bottle

April 25, 2012
Question by: Joshua, New York, USA


What would cause a bottle of Vintage Port to have a capsule and a selo, but no cork? Is it even safe to drink or may lead have leached into it from the capsule?

Is it Possible to Buy a Pipe of Port?

April 25, 2012
Question by: Jeff, Floral Park, USA


I'm looking to possibly set one aside for my offspring and I've been hearing great things about 2011 (birth year of my son).  So, is it possible to still buy a pipe of port in this day and age?

Pricing of Old Vintages

April 23, 2012


How much should I pay for a bottle of 1970 vintage port?

2010 Vintage Port Release

April 19, 2012


I want to buy a case of 2010 port. When will it be released?

Purchasing Warre's Vintage Port

April 9, 2012
Question by: Mrs. Adams, Birmingham, GB


Please can you tell me where in the UK that I can purchase Warre's 1995 Quinta da Cavadinha Vintage Port, Oporto Portugal ?

Warre's Quinta da Cavadinha 1988

March 27, 2012
Question by: Janice, Kingsbridge, UK


Could you please advise if you stock the Warre's Vintage Port 1988 Quinta da Cavadinha and if so what is the cost as I have to replace this like for like. Many thanks.

Symington's Quinta do Vesuvio Anniversary Box

December 2, 2011
Question by: Andrew, Colchester, UK


Hi, I am no Port expert but have the option to buy a nice looking box set of 6 vintage Ports.  It says Symington's Quinta do Vesuvio Anniversary Limited Edition and comes in a wooden chest which locks with a key at the front, has 2 flaps which open under the lid.  There are 6 plaques possibly made of china with the years on and a signed card that is for 8?  I have been looking for information on the internet for days now but cannot find anything about it or its value.  Can you help?  Many thanks.

2001 Vintage

November 30, 2011
Question by: Patricia Johnston, Antrim, U.K.


Quinta de Vargellas 2001 is being offered by Tesco at £153 per case. It seems a good price. what do you think of the port?

Vintage Port on a Budget

November 3, 2011
Question by: James, Bristol, UK


Hello, I recently went to Le Caprice with my father and tried my very first vintage port, a little late at 21, which was a Grahams 1983. I thought it was fantastic and am now looking to buy a couple of bottles. Could you reccomend a Port around the £40 mark that would be a good alternative? the £70 bottles available are a bit of a stretch for me.

Old Bottle

September 21, 2011
Question by: Judy, Norwich, Great Britain


I have recently aquired a bottle of Feuerheerd 24, Produce of Portugal, bottled by P Phipps wine and spirit merchants of Northampton.  The cork has deteriated and is leaking. Could you please tell me anything about it?  Thank you

Finding our Ports in Australia

August 23, 2011
Question by: Georgina, Sydney, Australia


Hi there,  It's my boyfriend's 30th birthday in a few weeks and I was thinking of buying him a bottle of vintage port. Do you have any recommendations? My budget would be about AUS$100-$200.  I live in Sydney so would need to have it delivered here.

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