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Selling Vintage Port

January 9, 2013
Question by: Chris, via Mobile


We have 12 bottles of 1977 vintage port that my wife was bought when she was born. We are looking to sell them. What would be the bet way to ensure we get full value for them?

Old Colheita

December 21, 2012
Question by: Dean, Chester, UK


I have 1 bottle of  REAL COMPANHIA VELHA, VINHO DO PORTO, COLHEITA DE 1944.  Is it worth drinking or selling?

Old Bottle of Port

November 8, 2012
Question by: Andrew, Holmfirth, GB


I have a bottle of port from Quinta Da Capela dated 1975.  Is it worth saving, is it worth drinking or selling?  Thank you for any help you can give.

Old Bottle of Port

November 8, 2012
Question by: Brian, LePuy Notre Dame, France


Bonjour,  One of my wine making friends has sadly died.  His wife is selling off his cave and has asked me about a case of Sandemans Ambro-ette port, bottled in 1978 and bearing the annotaion 30 anos.  I would be gratefull if you could give me any idea of value and perhaps the best place to sell it. 

Value of a Late Bottled Vintage Port

November 8, 2012
Question by: Felice, Mobile


I have a bottle of 1927 Adriano Ramos Pinto Late Bottled Vintage and would like to know a value?

Selling Vintage Port

October 21, 2012
Question by: Philip, Great Britain


I have a bottle of Dows 1963 Vintage Port and a bottle of Cockburn's 1963 Vintage Port. I would like to sell both. Any idea what is the best way to do this?

Selling Vintage Port

October 6, 2012
Question by: Bob, Chesterfield, UK


I have the following bottles:  Graham's 1966 X 9, Graham's 1963 X 2, Offley 1970 X 10 (Boa Vista), Dows 1960 X 4 (labels missing wax impressed)  For sale--any interest?

1985 Vintage Port

September 25, 2012
Question by: Davinia, Durham, UK


i have a bottle of 1985 Sandeman's Port unopened and un-damaged, is it worth any value?

Value of a Vintage Port

September 22, 2012
Question by: Keith, Surrey, UK


I have a bottle of1972 Fonseca Port, any ideas of the value please?

Temperature Variation in Storage

May 13, 2012
Question by: Pedro, Oeiras, Portugal


Hi there, Port Wine has always had some mystique to me since a kid, which developed as, for the past 10 years, having a glass of (tawny, typically) Port almost every night. I've developed a short but nice collection of bottles (Vintage and Tawny) including some bottles of Dow 1994 and 2007, Graham's 2003 and 2007. I live in an apartment, no AC, which means the temperature varies with the weather outside, and although I keep the wine in the coolest place of the house and darkest, it is still subjected to variations.

I've been considering buying a Wine Fridge, but some things on the whole "wine temperature" raised some questions in my head. Some of the more renowned Port wines in history are from the 60's. I seriously doubt they were stored at 15 Celsius. I would believe that, even in cellars, the temperature variation would be steep, and still, there are some classics in there. So, does temperature variation really matter that much?

Also, I would be interested in your opinion as to how long after buying should a tawny (= 20 years) be consumed... Thanks & Regards

Selling Old Ports

May 11, 2012
Question by: Susan, West Sussex, UK


Could you tell me how I can sell a bottle of 1945 Borges & Irmao port, I have had several estimates but need the experts, regards.

Selling Old Ports

May 7, 2012
Question by: Shirley, Bournemouth, UK


I have 5 bottles of vintage port I would like to sell they are as follows:
J.W Burmester & Co. 'ld Oporto Colheita 1955 extra selected
Taylor's Quinta De Vargellas 1978 Vintage Port
Cockburn Vintage Port 1975
Taylor's 10 year Tawny port bottled in 1998
Vinho do Porto Messias Vintage Port 1984

2010 Vintage Port Announcements

May 2, 2012
Question by: Robin, London, GB


Can you please advise whether you or any of the other port houses have declared 2010 a vintage year or not. Thanks

1910 Colheita

March 14, 2012
Question by: Brian, London, GB


I have a bottle of Constantino's 1910 Colheita Port (bottled 1972) which has been well stored over the years and has a level into the neck, and it's original box.  i would like to know its selling value in today's market. Thank you.

Gould Campbell Crusted Port

February 1, 2012
Question by: Robin, Stratford-on-Avon, GB


My father died recently leaving behind two bottles of Gould Campbell Crusted Port bottled in 1980. The label shows they were imported by The I.W.B.C. Ltd in Worcestershire. Is this particular port considered collectible or of any value? As none of the remaining family drink we might be looking to sell it on to someone who may appreciate it.

2001 Vintage

November 30, 2011
Question by: Patricia Johnston, Antrim, U.K.


Quinta de Vargellas 2001 is being offered by Tesco at £153 per case. It seems a good price. what do you think of the port?

Selling Old Ports

November 22, 2011
Question by: Chris, Epsom, Great Britain


Further to the question last August re Serafim Cabrals 1970 vintage port, I have a case of 12 bottles of the aforesaid, bought and laid done at the birth of my son in 1975.  He does not appreciate port and would now prefer the money!  Our tastes differ.  How should I best go about selling or auctioning the case, appreciating that you do not specialise in this port?  With thanks in anticipation of a reply.

Australian Fortified Wines

August 19, 2011
Question by: Joan, Salamanda Bay, Australia


Could you please give a value for these wines that were produced by Thomas hardy and sons Adelaide South Australia

1. Vintage port Americas Cup no 2350 ( 6 bottles.)

2. Value also of Classic Vintage Cars (Americas Cup Classics) chassis no 1885 (6 Bottles of Port boxed)

3. Value of America's Cup Classic Australia II - 1978 vintage ( 1-750ml Port in wooden box)

Information about a 1970

August 15, 2011
Question by: Ed, Cupar, Great Britain


I have one bottle of Serafim Cabrals 1970 Vintage Port but can find no information on it. I see plenty about a much older vintage but nothing else. Please can you tell me anything about this port. If it helps the label reports Serafim Cabral LDA being in the "Vila Nova De Gai" and that the port is produce of Portugal - nothing else!

1960 and 1957 Port

July 19, 2011
Question by: John, Sheffield, Great Britain


I have purchased 12 bottles Feuerheerd vintage 1960 and 12 bottles of their 1957 vintage, can you tell me anything about them and value please.  Thank you.

Selling Old Bottles

July 7, 2011
Question by: Bryan, Boston, MA USA


Greetings:  Via my late uncle's estate, I recently came into possession of two bottles of Vintage Port (1 LBV). One I have found to be rarer than the other... I am not a huge fan of port, but I have a background in wine. I'd like to find both bottles good homes where they will be truly appreciated (my uncle would have wanted this) -- and I wouldn't mind fetching a fair price in the process.  Can you please offer me any advice (appraisal / auction?) or reputable contacts who can help me accomplish my goals? It would be very much appreciated.  Here are the two bottles (both in excellent condition):

1) Adriano Ramos-Pinto Vintage 1927 'Late Bottled' (the “oldest” LBV to be registered with the IVP -- as confirmed in the linked article below)


Thanks very much in advance for your time and for any advice or direction you can offer.

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