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Vintage Port as a Gift

February 5, 2013
Question by: Jason, Mobile


What would be a good vintage Port to buy as a gift in the $125-200 range?  Looking to buy my life long friend a bottle and I know nothing about wine.  He recently purchased a 2000 Graham's Port.

2012 Vintage Port

February 4, 2013
Question by: April, Mobile


Hi, just wondering if it is possible to buy a 2012 vintage port? I was wanting to get it as a wedding present for friends that were married in 2012. Thanks.

2012 Vintage Ports

December 24, 2012
Question by: Craig, Colorado Spring, USA


Like many, I am looking to purchase a vintage Port for my grandchild born several weeks ago.  Is there a way to get on a list from different vineyards to be notified about availability?  I would like to be able to give a Christmas card that indicates that a bottle will be forth coming in the future, and don't know how to start the process.

Port for a Christening Present

November 21, 2012
Question by: Julie, Mobile


Hi, we are wanting to buy 2 bottles of port for our godsons christening that can be kept until their 21st birthdays.  Please advise how much I need to spend? I would like it to be Graham's Port as the surname of the children in Graham.

Bottle of Port for a Gift

November 8, 2012
Question by: Gitz, Scarborough CA, USA


I am looking to buy a nice bottle of port for my husband as a gift. I know the older the better and more expensive :) My question is, is there a better brand that I should be looking for and where can I find one to buy.

2006 Vintage Ports

October 6, 2012
Question by: Kevin, Austin, USA


Need advice on purchasing a Vintage year Port near 2006.  I would like to purchase a vintage port near the year of my son's birth to share with him when he turns 21.  He was born in 2006, and I would like to pick a vintage year close in time to his birth.  Any recommendations?

Which Port for a Gift?

October 5, 2012
Question by: Emma, Southampton, GB


My dad is a lover of Port and so I want to buy him a very nice bottle for his 60th birthday but I have no idea what I'm looking for (not being a Port lover myself - sorry!) - so I'm looking for some expert guidance please!  Any pointers you can give would be much appreciated, thank you.

Gift Box of Port Miniatures

September 19, 2012
Question by: Derek, London


I have a small tin gift box by St Michael (Marks & Spencer) with four miniature bottles of port (1 x vintage character, 1 x tawny 10 years old, 1x white & 1x late bottled vintage) given to me 25 years ago.  it has never been opened.  Is it any good or worth anything?

Port as a Christening Present

June 22, 2012
Question by: Chrissie, London, UK


It's my nephew's Christening on 24th June, and I was keen to get a bottle of port from the year he was born - 2011.  Is it possible to pre-order a 2011 bottle?, if so, could you advise of likely prices & how i could go about this.

Port as a Christening Present

June 21, 2012
Question by: Matthew, Edinburgh, Scotland


I have recently been asked to be a Godfather to my best friend's first son. As christening gift I would like to buy a case of port of a recent vintage which will increase in value in 25 years and can then either be drunk or sold.  This is something my Godfather did for me so I would like to carry on the tradition.  Can you help recommend a very recent good vintage?

2012 Port

June 7, 2012
Question by: Steve, Great Britain


My business partner has just had a baby and I wanted to get a bottle of port bottled this year. How do I do that?

Gift for a Naval Officer

May 23, 2012
Question by: Maryanne, Saint Peters, USA


My son is being commissioned by the navy, as an officer. I was told that a vintage bottle of port was a good gift. Can you recommend one for me? Thank you.

Port as a Christening Present

May 22, 2012
Question by: Gareth, Portsmouth, UK


I want to give a bottle of vintage port as a christening present that will be suitable for drinking when he is 18, in 2029. What would you suggest?

Laying Down Port For the Future

May 13, 2012
Question by: Joe, Toronto, Canada


I am totally naive when it comes to anything about wine.  I would like to purchase a case of wine from the year 2008 (my twin girls yr of birth).  I would like to keep it until their 21st birthday or even longer (perhaps wedding).  What am I looking for and where do I start?  Thanks in Advance.

Miniatures of Port

May 2, 2012
Question by: Claire, Herts, UK


I would like to give miniature bottles of Port as my wedding favours but am struggling to find any.  Can you advise if you supply?

1952 Port

April 13, 2012
Question by: Di, Nebo, Australia


Where could I purchase a 1952 bottle of port for a 60th birthday gift?

Port to Take Home to Sweden

March 28, 2012
Question by: Birgitta, Kalmar, Sweden


Please name a good Port to bring back from Portugal to Sweden.

Port as a Christening Present

February 24, 2012
Question by: Melissa, London, GB


I'm a recent godmother and for the child's christening present I would like to buy a couple of bottles of port that will be perfect when he is 21! I don't have much money, so what should I buy now that will be special then!?  Thanks.

Finding Port In the USA

February 1, 2012
Question by: Daroyl, Mauretown, USA


Hello!  Your website is fantastic. I have been enjoying a wonderful bottle of Dow LBV.  I have one small child, and one on the way, can I order through the website, or do I have to wait until it finds its way to the U.S?

Which Port for a Gift?

January 18, 2012
Question by: Sophie, Middlesborough, GB


I want to buy some port for my Uncle's 50th birthday but I'm not sure which one to buy. I want one that is a good all rounder, affordable and a decent type.

Port for Christmas

November 25, 2011
Question by: Suzie, Woking, England


Hi there, I've got my father-in-law to be for Secret Santa this year, and he loves a good port. Not being a lover myself, I wondered if you could give me the name of a good, full bodied, fruity port on a budget for around £25 that's sure to please. Your expert advice is much appreciated indeed!

2004 Vintage Port Availability

November 3, 2011
Question by: James, Wetherby, UK


When is Warre's Quinta da Cavadinha 2004 going to be released for sale?  It is my son's birth year and I am looking to buy a vintage port from this year.  Do I wait until you release this or buy another quinta?

1989 Vintage Ports

September 12, 2011
Question by: Larry, Orlando, USA


Hello,  I need to buy a 1989 vintage port to celebrate an occasion. My daughter will be graduating college within a year and she was born in 1989. We are going to toast to her graduation and I thought it would be special to do that with a really nice bottle of a vintage port that was made in 1989. Can you give me suggestions on what to look for? I would like to stay in the $75-$200 range.  Thank you

Finding our Ports in Australia

August 23, 2011
Question by: Georgina, Sydney, Australia


Hi there,  It's my boyfriend's 30th birthday in a few weeks and I was thinking of buying him a bottle of vintage port. Do you have any recommendations? My budget would be about AUS$100-$200.  I live in Sydney so would need to have it delivered here.

Warre's Vintage 2009

July 28, 2011
Question by: Money, Machrie, UK


is it possible to buy one or two bottles of your 2009 quinta da cavadinha vintage port for my daughter?

Graham's 1994

July 21, 2011
Question by: Luuk, Amsterdam


A gift is merely a gift when there's no exciting story behind it. I've bought the Graham's Vintage 1994 for a friend of mine, and of course I'd like to tell him more about the port and its exclusivity. I've found a lot of information on the port such as the tasting notes etc. Could you tell me how many bottles there were made of the Vintage 1994? Also, is it true its value increases every year? Like to hear from you soon. Kind regards

1991 Birth Year Wines

July 11, 2011
Question by: Ben, Great Britain


My son was born in 1991.  if I was to buy a bottle of Vintage Port how long will it stay fresh in the bottle?  The idea is that it would be a long term gift for him to open on his 50th.

Recommendation for Port as a Gift

June 7, 2011
Question by: Joy, USA


Hi,  I am trying to find a nice port to gift to someone who is fairly knowledgeable on ports. My price range is $500 to $1000 (give or take). I want something really nice and impressive but I, of course, want to get a good deal. Can you help? The bottle would need to be delivered in the New York/New Jersey area.   Thank you! 

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