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Vintage Port Food Pairing

January 9, 2013
Question by: Patrick, via Mobile


We have a well cellared 77 vintage port.  We would like to enjoy it with friends over a main course rather than after dinner.  Any suggestions?

Perfect Age for Vintage Port

September 22, 2012
Question by: George, East Sussex, GB


I am trying to find out what age Offley Boa Vista 1985 Vintage Port would be perfectly matured and should be sold? I have 12 bottles in an unopened crate which have been carefully stored for its entire life.

When to Drink 20 Year Old Tawny

September 20, 2012
Question by: Ryan, Henderson, USA


I have a bottle of Grahams 20yr old Tawny Porto that was bottled in 2002. I have had it in a wine fridge since I got it 7 yrs ago.  My questions are, should I be drinking this as soon as possible? Has it probably gone bad? Is there any reason to wait to drink?

Dow's Nirvana

May 28, 2012
Question by: Fredrik, Göteborg, SE


I conduct chocolate and wine tastings and was very intrigued to learn that there was a port specifically made to go well with fine chocolate. Since Dow's Nirvana isn't available in Sweden I was wondering if you know of any way that I could get my hands on a bottle or a case to try it out?

20 Year Old Tawny Port

November 7, 2011
Question by: Felice, Singapore


I bought a bottle of WARRE'S 20 yr old TAWNY PORT and it was bottled in 2002. May i check with you what is its 'age' actually? Is it a good Vintage?  How long can i keep it?  Thank you.

Food Pairing with Vintage Port

November 7, 2011
Question by: Paulo, LIsboa, Portugal


I would be most grateful if you could tell me what are the best food pairing for young vintage, middle age vintage and old vintage.  Thank you very much.

Warre's Colheita

July 25, 2011
Question by: Deirdre, UK


I have a bottle of Warre's Colheita 1940, which says it was kept in casks and bottled in 1988.  I also have a bottle of Sandemans, the label says: Sandeman 30 years old Tawny Port matured in wood and bottled in 1990. The bottle is a replica of bottle used in 1790. It was produced to celebrate bicentenary of the House of Sandeman.  Can you tell me if they are good years and where I might be able to sell them?  Thank you.


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