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How Long Can I Keep Opened Port?

February 5, 2013
Question by: Máirin, Ireland


I see conflicting opinions on many websites on how long various styles of Ports can be kept after opening.  Grateful if you would clarify how long should Ruby, Tawny, Aged Tawny, LBV and Vintage Ports be kept after opening the bottle until they become 'too old' to enjoy!  Many thanks for your answer.

Old Bottles of Port

January 10, 2013
Question by: Sue, via Mobile


My husband and I are currently clearing my mother in laws house and found 4 bottles of port which we estimate are between 15-25 yr old we have a vintage, a special reserve and a ruby port. I don't think in any way they are collectible or valuable but I would like to know if they are safe to drink and if not how we'd know they have gone off.

Faulty Port

November 8, 2012
Question by: Graham, Norfolk, UK


At a dinner party last weekend I had a bottle of 1977 Warre's Port which was corked, this was the first bottle of Port I have had corked in thirty years in the wine business. I still have several bottles of 1977 Port in my cellar.  Is this something I’ve kept too long? My dinner guest that evening was a visitor from a winery in South Africa, it was a first for him also.  Please advise on my remaining bottles should they be consumed soon? or can I keep them?

Cork Length

October 6, 2012
Question by: Jeff, New York, USA


It seems the latest vintages of the Symington line utilizes shorter 38mm cork lengths (especially the Vesuvios and Cockburns) as opposed to the standard 44mm or even older/longer 49 mm cork lengths.  Was there a reason for this?  For those of us who enjoy keeping bottles for many years, is it a cause for concern?  Should we recork with longer corks if we plan to hold for 10-20+ years?

Dow's 1962 Special Reserve

July 5, 2012
Question by: Windy


I have a bottle of Dow's 1962 Special Reserve bottled in 1972 and would like to find out the value of this vintage. I have searched the web and cannot find this particular bottle. I want to give it to my Son for his 50th birthday and it would be nice to know the value. I can send a picture of the label if that would help.

Off Scents or Flavours

June 26, 2012
Question by: Alex, Bracknell, UK


Like all wines, Vintage Port suffers from the very occasional bottle that has suffered a problem during production or more usually storage so that the port is damaged when the bottle is opened.  Too much exposure to light can lead to a pale and flavourless drink, too much heat to lots of stewed flavours, and so on.  I have been lucky enough to drink enough port over the years to have got to recognise the different flaws and know how they have been caused.  Except for one!

Over the past 5 years and 2000+ bottles, I have tasted from two bottles of vintage port which have been really odd.  These two bottles were both quite old port (50+ years). Both had an overwhelming smell in the glass, smelling of bread and yeast - some others described the smell as that of gloss paint.  No-one was brave enough to taste the port.

Do you have any idea what might have caused this odd spoilage?  It wasn't volatile acidity or TCA taint.  Could it have been a bacterial infection of the port in some way?

Old Bottle of Graham's Ruby Port

April 25, 2012
Question by: Sophie, Petersfield, GB


A relative recently passed away and when clearing the house we stumbled across this 'Grahams Ruby Port' with no date that I can see. Although it looks old, with a yellowed and slightly mold damaged label, it has a screw top with the seal not broken. On the bottom of the bottle are clear letters reading 'Luis Gordon & Sons Ltd Domeco Sherries' and the numbers 2140-22. Is there much value in this or can I simply open and enjoy?  Thanks for your help.

Corkless Bottle

April 25, 2012
Question by: Joshua, New York, USA


What would cause a bottle of Vintage Port to have a capsule and a selo, but no cork? Is it even safe to drink or may lead have leached into it from the capsule?

Mouldy or Crumbling Corks

March 20, 2012
Question by: Greg, London, GB


I have just opened a bottle of Churchills Vintage 1985. There was a lot of mould growth on the top of the cork and the cork pretty much collapsed on opening. The latter I understand is not uncommon. Does mould growth necessarily mean a bad port? It was only apparent on the top (outside surface) of the cork

Dow's 1966

December 19, 2011
Question by: Darren, Plymouth, UK


Hi, I was gifted a bottle of 1966 Dow Vintage Port last year and since then has sat upright in its presentation box in my kitchen approx 3ft away from my gas hob. This is obviously not an ideal place to keep it and would like information on how best to keep it. Secondly, how long will I be able to keep the port before it starts to deteriorate.
Thanks in advance of your reply.


October 29, 2011
Question by: Jeff, Santa Rosa, California


Should port be decanted, whether Vintage or Tawny? Or aerated?

How Long Will it Keep?

October 24, 2011
Question by: David, Coventry, UK


Once opened how long will Port last and how should you store it once opened?

Life in Bottle - Other Port Styles

October 20, 2011
Question by: J, Santander, Spain


In a recent visit to your cellar, I bought several bottles of your wines, namely,

- Grahams 10 Years Tawny Port
- Grahams Finest Reserve

I would appreciate your kindly advising about how much time these wines remain in good condition

aa) Without opening the bottle, and
bb) After opening the bottle.

Please, bear in mind that I live in the north of Spain, which is a rainy and humid country.

Old Bottle

September 21, 2011
Question by: Judy, Norwich, Great Britain


I have recently aquired a bottle of Feuerheerd 24, Produce of Portugal, bottled by P Phipps wine and spirit merchants of Northampton.  The cork has deteriated and is leaking. Could you please tell me anything about it?  Thank you

Storage of Open Bottles

July 7, 2011
Question by: Donald, Chicago, IL USA


After opening a bottle of Port how many days is it still good enough to drink and how should it be stored?

What To Do With a Very Old Bottle

June 14, 2011
Question by: Hans, Netherlands


We have a bottle Vintage Port with a little label 1934 on it.  The cork is in a bad condition. Our questions are:  What to do with this bottle?  Is it a collectors item?  Can we sell it?  What is the price?  We can send you a picture.  We are looking for your reaction, thanks, Hans 

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