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2011 Vintage Port Declaration

April 15, 2013
Question by: Tom, New Jersey, USA


Do you have any idea when or if the 2011 ports will be declared vintage?

2006 Vintage Ports

October 6, 2012
Question by: Kevin, Austin, USA


Need advice on purchasing a Vintage year Port near 2006.  I would like to purchase a vintage port near the year of my son's birth to share with him when he turns 21.  He was born in 2006, and I would like to pick a vintage year close in time to his birth.  Any recommendations?

Cockburn's 1991 Vintage Port

July 9, 2012
Question by: Brad, Toronto, Canada


I uncovered a bottle of Cockburns 1991 Vintage Port in my collection and wondered about your opinion on its drinkability.  I note that "late" is not found anywhere on the label.

Cockburn's 1963

July 9, 2012
Question by: Letitia, London, GB


I have two bottles of Cockburns vintage port 1963, i would like to sell them, but where to start? Will be grateful for any help.

Cockburn's Aguardente

June 19, 2012
Question by: Jochen


I have a bottle of Cockburn`s Aguardente Reserva Lote Especial.  Can you tell my what this is?

Change in Bottle Design

May 24, 2012
Question by: Dorsey, USA


I am sooo distressed.  When you changed the Cockburn Port bottle you added the dimple in the bottom.  I have been making a water glass set from those bottles and now I can't complete the set.  I didn't mind the bigger logo.... it still would fit in but with the dimple, they no longer can be made into glasses. :-(   Just wanted you to know that change is not appreciated.  The port was fabulous before and it didn't need a dimple in the bottle to be any better.

Late Bottled Vintage Ports

January 2, 2012
Question by: Fraser, Birmingham, GB


Please give reviews on Symington Family Estates Late Bottled Vintage Port 2006 from the Wine Society, also price.

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