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Messias Port

May 15, 2013
Question by: Stuart, Texas, USA


What is a Messias port?

Featured Brands on The Vintage Port Site

April 15, 2013
Question by: Michael, Santa Clara, USA


I'm just curious why two very notable houses, Fonseca and Taylor, seem to be completely absent from your website. Did I miss something, or is there a special reason you don't have them? Do you have any references for sites similar to yours that would include those houses?  Thanks!

Vintage Port as a Gift

February 5, 2013
Question by: Jason, Mobile


What would be a good vintage Port to buy as a gift in the $125-200 range?  Looking to buy my life long friend a bottle and I know nothing about wine.  He recently purchased a 2000 Graham's Port.

1994 Vintage Ports

July 6, 2012
Question by: Nicholas, Paris, France


1. I  am fortunate to own several cases of Graham, Dow, Warre and Croft 1994 Vintage Port. Please could you place in order of quality for drinking over the next ten years which your preferred ports would be? If possible give them a comparative rating on a scale of 1 to 10.
2. These ports are stored with a prime London wine merchant. How would you go about selling those wines surplus to my own requirements to obtain the maximum return?

Wine Blending

June 23, 2011
Question by: Jacob, London, England


Is each lote (batch of wine) of  Port laid down at harvest for a particular house within the Symington group or is there any flexibility to put (e.g.) something from the Dow cellar into a Graham tawny if it would better suit that style?

House Styles Across Brands

June 20, 2011
Question by: Jacob, London, England


I’ve been wondering for a while how a company such as the Symington Family Estates manages the blending over so many shippers. Does the same team work on all of the wines, or are there different panels for each shipper? If I’ve counted correctly, I think I am correct in saying that in a general declaration, up to 10 Vintage Ports could be released; far more than of any other Port company!

I was also wondering how a “house style” is maintained for each shipper within the company and whether there is an effort to make each shipper stylistically consistent over the whole range. For example, compared to Graham’s, Dow’s Vintage Port is usually thought of as very dry; could the same be expected when comparing LBVs or Fine Rubies from these houses? I think consistency is often attributed, for Vintage Port, to the use of major vineyards (e.g. Canais for Cockburn) and I was wondering if that is the same with the non-premium brands and tawnies?

Many thanks and congratulations on getting the new site up!

Quarles Harris

May 31, 2011
Question by: Chesterfield, Great Britain


Hi,  The new site looks great!  I have spent a while browsing around the site today and wondered why it is that you have dedicated websites for all of your brands apart from Quarles Harris?  I think QH is a great string to the SFE bow yet it seems to get very little publicity and it is almost impossible to find any historical information about the company and brand on the internet.  Is there a reason for this? Could we please have a Quarles Harris website, even if it only has basic information?  Thanks, and well done on the re-launch.

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