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1985 Vintage Port

June 7, 2012
Question by: Karl, Bury St. Edmunds, England


I have a sealed wooden box of 1985 Vintage Port received as a birthday gift many years ago, and I am having difficulty with finding information about it (is it good, its value, etc).  The exterior of the box has the following markings:
1985 Vintage Port  /  TJK London  /  Das Vinhas Do Alto Douro  /  Real Companhia Velha  /  Companhia Geral Da Agricultura  /  Royal Oporto Wine Company

Is this a recognized vintage?

Dow's 1985

December 14, 2011
Question by: Nancy, Leicester, GB


My husband has an unopened case of Dows 1985 vintage port and we are wondering whether we should sell it or drink it! Can you give us an approximate idea of its value and whether it is ready to drink now please

1983 Smith Woodhouse

July 21, 2011
Question by: Carl, Woodbridge, USA


I just recently purchased a bottle of 1983 Vintage Porto, Smith Woodhouse bottled 1985, would like some information.  I keep an inventory of my wines and i can't find anything on this bottle. Cost of bottle. was the last bottle. would like more, where could I find it in the USA? Would like some tasting notes, etc. Thanking you in advance.

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