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Graham's 1942

March 8, 2012
Question by: Sten, Malmö, SE


I have seen a Graham 1942 but on the label (late bottled). I guess this is not a LBV but a 1942 bottled perhaps after 4 years which happen for example with Taylor vintage 1938 which was bottled in 1942. This is a Graham vintage 1942 but bottle later but not a LBV according to what we mean today. Am I right?


Hi Sten, Yes, Graham's did declare a 1942 Vintage Port, and it was bottled in Oporto due to the war.  At that time, there were not the strict regulations about exactly when Port had to be bottled in order to be identified and sold as Vintage Port.  So, yes, it may have been bottled later than the now-customary 18 months after harvest but was not "late bottled" in the modern sense of complying with current IVDP regulation about ageing 4 to 6 years in cask before bottling.

Michael Broadbent's tasting note from 1990 hazards the guess that it was bottled in 1945, describing the wine as "palish, rosey hued tawny; low-keyed old tawny nose; medium sweetness and body, sound, rich, stylish."  James Suckling, also tasting the wine in 1990 said, "This is a silky, classy elegant mature Vintage Port with a complex character of fruit on the nose and palate.  Medium red with a lighter edge, delicate fresh raspberry and currant aromas, medium bodied with silky elegant fruit flavours, medium tannins and a very sweet finish.  Stunning."

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