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Graham's 1982 Late Bottled Vintage

January 24, 2012
Question by: Jenny, Winchester, GB


I have looked on lots of sites for this year and have not been able to find out anything about it. It was given to me 25 years ago, is there any information you can give me please ?


Hi Jenny, This Vintage Port Site has summaries of viticultural conditions for every year since 1945 - you can select your year from the Knowledge Base drop down box in the top left margin, or follow this link directly to the 1982 Viticultural report.  1982 produced generally above average quality wines, though many shippers bottled Quinta vintages, rather than classic brand vintage ports. This site features details about the Vintage Ports declared or bottled each year - you will see the links to the wines and their tasting notes at the top of the Viticultural Report page. 

Late Bottled Vintage is a different style of Port.  Whereas a classic Vintage Port or Quinta Vintage Port is bottled roughly 18 months after harvest without filtering, LBVs are kept in cask for an average of 5 years before being filtered and bottled, and are ready to enjoy when released to market.  This style of Port is not meant for long term ageing, but if you have kept your bottle in cool, dark conditions it may still be enjoyable.  It certainly would be worth opening some time soon.  Take a look at the Graham's website page about Graham's Late Bottled Vintage for more information.

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