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Vintage 2011

January 13, 2012
Question by: John, London, Great Britain


I am interested in buying a case of 2011 port as a Christening present for my Godson. Please advise on when this would be possible, and where it could be acquired.  Thanks.


Hi John, Whilst we are very excited about the quality of the wines made in 2011, no Declaration has been announced yet.  Traditionally the announcement is made in the spring of the second year after harvest - so look for news here on the Vintage Port Site in April or May of 2013.  The wine will then be bottled by end June and available for sale en primeur, and delivered later in the year, depending on the exact terms your wine merchant offers.  In the UK Vintage Marque (mail order) and Berry Brothers and Rudd (at their shops and mail order) can be counted on to carry a selection of Graham's, Dow's, Warre's and Quinta do Vesuvio ports, including the en-primeur Vintage offers.  They could also help you find any of our niche brands if you prefer.

For more information, you might be interested in the article on this site which explains the Declaration of a Vintage, under the Port Basics menu tab above.  For more about the 2011 Vintage, the Graham's Blog covered harvest activities on a daily basis, beginning in September and at the end of harvest in mid October Paul Symington wrapped up and summarised harvest conditions across the region in his 2011 Douro Harvest Report.

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