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Dow's 1985

December 14, 2011
Question by: Nancy, Leicester, GB


My husband has an unopened case of Dows 1985 vintage port and we are wondering whether we should sell it or drink it! Can you give us an approximate idea of its value and whether it is ready to drink now please


Hi Nancy, Lucky you!  1985 was a classic Vintage year, as you can read in our full 1985 Viticultural Report, and the 1985 Dow's is particularly well regarded - we won a Gold Medal at the prestigious International Wine Challenge in 2009 for this Port - see the IWC's tasting note as well as notes from many top critics on the Dow's 1985 Tasting Note page.  The wine is drinking well now but kept in good cellar conditions will last for decades more.  Under our Enjoying Port tab on the menu above are several articles you may want to consult as you decide what to do with your wine - one about Storing Your Port and another about The Lifecycle of Vintage Port in Bottle, which will help you understand how the flavour will develop over the years in your unopened bottles.

Naturally, we hope you will choose to enjoy your Dow's 1985, and with a full case you have the luxury of opening a bottle every year or two to observe for yourself the maturation of the Port.  If, on the other hand, you do wish to explore the possibility of selling your wine, you will want to consult a specialist wine merchant or an auction house that deals in fine wines - Symington Family Estates is not active in the secondary market so we cannot advise you on current values.  In the UK, contact Bonham's, Christie's or Sotheby's, or the London merchant Berry Brothers and Rudd who run BBX, a wine exchange for those looking to buy and sell fine wines.  Be aware that any buyer or broker will want evidence of the purchase and proper storage of the Port to assure its present quality.

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