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Warre's Ruby Port

December 13, 2011
Question by: Gordon, Torquay, UK


i purchased a bottle of Warre's Ruby port in Portugal in the Eighties, just curious as to how much it may be worth?  The year of the port is 1965.  Thank you


Hi Gordon, Your inquiry confuses me a little - you refer to a Ruby Port, with a date of 1965.  Because Ruby Ports are blends of wines from two or three years, they generally do not have any year indicated on the label.

if the label reads Warre's Heritage Ruby Port or Warre's Warrior Reserve, then these Ruby Ports are bottled ready for enjoyment, and should have been consumed within a year or two of purchase.  That said, If the bottle has been kept in good storage conditions - cool and dark - it would definitely be worth opening the bottle, it may surprise you, though it was never meant to age for 30 years after purchase.

On the other hand, if the label clearly says Warre's Vintage Port - with the date of 1965 - then we are puzzled - no Vintage was declared that year.  If you look at the 1965 Viticultural Report you will see we bottled Dow's Quinta do Bomfim and Graham's Quinta dos Malvedos, but to the best of my knowledge no Quinta da Cavadinha from Warre's.  If in fact your bottle says Vintage, please take a photo and contact us again.

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