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Valuation of 1963 Vintage

November 30, 2011
Question by: Evelyn Wood, Argyll, U.K.


Hi, I'm clearing my late parents' home and have come across 11 bottles of Ferreira 1963 in two marked boxes originally intended to hold 6 each. I remember they were purchased when the wine shop in which my mother worked (in Abingdon, Oxon.) was taken over by a high street off-licence chain in 1978 and all of the fine wines were sold off. I can also remember the evening a 'friend' insisted my father break open one of the bottles from his 'investment' - hence there being only 11. The remaining bottles are all intact and quite soiled, but I know they were carefully stored. I'd be grateful if you could advise me of their value as they will have to be sold as part of the house clearance. Many thanks in advance.


Hi Evelyn,  1963 was considered one of the classic Port declarations and you can read more about it on our 1963 Viticultural Report.  Symington Family Estates are not active in the secondary market so we cannot advise you on the saleability or value of your wines. Your best bet is to approach the auction houses and top wine merchants in your area for advice on the market and possible value. In this case contacts are Bonham's, Christie's and Sotheby's, and you might also approach Berry Brothers and Rudd, who run BBX, an on-line trading service for their customers. 

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