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Gould Campbell 1927

October 26, 2011
Question by: Jules


Greetings,  Did Gould Campbell declare in 1927? I have a bottle purchased at Christies with only a tag stating “Gould Campbell 1927 vintage port”. The bottom of the bottle has embossed: “C. S & Co. Ltd” “131”.  Thank you for any help you could give.


Hi Jules, Yes, Gould Campbell did declare in 1927, and 1927 is generally considered one of the great 20th century vintages, and was very widely declared.  Up until 1974 almost all Port was bottled by the merchant, not the shipper, so my guess is C.S. & Co. Ltd would refer to the wine merchant, or possibly the bottle manufacturer.

Maurice Symington made notes in the guest books at Quinta do Bomfim about the quality of the grapes and wines as follows:

In the Quintas and other good districts, grapes were exceptionally far advanced at the end of July; during August they ripened more slowly, but without any serious check, and they are today just about correct for the time of year.  Vintage on 3rd Oct?  Quantity is not abundant, but condition so far is excellent, promising good wine, but less than average yield.  (Sept 7-9, 1927)  Saw the samples at Pinhão.  1927s and Quinta wines excellent (Dec 1927).

Do take a look at Charles Symington's comments about Decanting Vintage Ports particularly his comments about opening very old Vintages.  Enjoy your Port!

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