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October 20, 2011
Question by: J, Santander, Spain


In a recent visit to your cellar, I bought several bottles of your wines, namely,

- Grahams 10 Years Tawny Port
- Grahams Finest Reserve

I would appreciate your kindly advising about how much time these wines remain in good condition

aa) Without opening the bottle, and
bb) After opening the bottle.

Please, bear in mind that I live in the north of Spain, which is a rainy and humid country.


Hi J, What a nice pair of wines to have on hand.  Both of these wines are bottled when ready to drink - they are not intended to age in bottle the way a Vintage Port will do.  Whilst a year or two in a cool dark place won't harm them, they will not improve by ageing, so do gather family and friends around and enjoy them in the coming months. 

As to holding them after opening - if securely re-corked and kept in a cool dark place - cellar conditions or even a refrigerator - these should hold their character for a couple weeks. If refrigerated, do take them out an hour or so before serving, so the wine can warm up a bit - if it is too cold, the aromatics do not come up as well as if served at a cool room temperature (15 to 19ºC).

A tip for future reference:  you will find both of these wines, as well as other White, Tawny and non-vintage Ruby and LBV, have a T- shaped cork that can be easily removed and re-inserted by hand - that cork tells you the wine can be kept for a few weeks after opening if stored properly.  If the wine has a classic cork, sunk into the bottle neck and only removable with a corkscrew, that tells you the wine should be enjoyed when opened, or not more than a day or two afterwards if securely re-corked and kept cool. 

Impresso em

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