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September 22, 2011
Question by: Luis, Porto, Portugal


Hello! I think your site is fantastic! But why don't you have also this site in Portuguese? You are Scottish, but you are working in Portugal! This wine is the result for your work and our terroir! Nice job!


Hi Luis, Thank you for your kind words about our site.  The family have been in Portugal for 5 generations now, at least three of those generations have been born here, and all are fluent in Portuguese themselves, in fact it is the primary language in the Gaia office as well as in the Douro.  The Symington Family Estates (SFE) Port Wines are distributed in 70 markets around the globe, and as English is the most nearly universal language, and the one which is best handled by on-line translation tools, we have decided to keep all our channels of communication in English. 

That said, the SFE website and the basic reference sites for the Port brands most popular in Portugal, including Graham's, Dow's and Quinta do Vesuvio, are available in Portuguese and French as well as English.  You can find links for all of our sites under the Reference Menu tab above / Internet.  With a site like this one or the Graham's blog, however, with constantly updating content, it would be nearly impossible to maintain it in a timely fashion in two languages at once.

Looking offline, within Portugal, all our press releases and many other reference and marketing materials available at the Lodge or in shops are published in Portuguese.  We do not forget or neglect our roots here, promise!

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