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Small Bottles of Port

January 18, 2013
Question by: Paige, Denver, USA


I'm trying to find mini bottles of Port for my husband for his birthday. He enjoys Port but I don't care for it so that's why I'm trying to find mini bottles in the U.S. so he can open one up and have one glass when he wants and we don't have to waste a larger bottle.  Do you know of any U.S. websites that sell mini bottles of Port? I've been searching but can only find U.K. sites. Thanks!


Hi Paige, Many of our Ports are offered in half bottles (375 ml), but did you know that many styles of Port, including all Tawnies and younger Ruby styles including LBV can be kept for a few weeks if they are securely re-sealed with their t-stopper cork or a vacuum style bottle closure?  See our Guide to Port Styles for more about how to serve and keep Port wines.  Only Vintage or Crusted really should be consumed within a day or two of opening - if the bottle has a classic driven cork, that is your tip-off to consume it in the short term. 

Premium Port Wines is our importer to the United States, and the PPW Contacts page has a distributor locator function - use that to find the contact details for the distributor for your favourite brand, and contact them to find a retailer that stocks the Ports you enjoy in the size bottle you can use. 

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