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Value of Tawny Ports

January 16, 2013
Question by: Daniel, via Mobile


I have found two  bottles of port in my grandfathers loft, I am wanting to get shot of them and was wondering if they have any value other than me drinking them.  A bottle of Noval 20 years port bottled in 1979.  " port wine matured in wood for twenty years, produced at the Quinta Do Noval bottled in 1979 and shipped by Quinta Do Noval. 0.75l.  A bottle of Pocas Porto 20 years old Coroa De  Rei, matured in wood bottled in 1984.


Hi Daniel, Both of these bottles are 20 Year Old Tawny Ports - a style of Port which is blended from several wines which have been aged in wooden cask, so that the average age of the blend is 20 years or more.  See our Guide to Port Styles for more information on Tawnies.  This style of Port is intended for consumption within a few years after release to market, so it is not a wine that is sought after for re-sale in the secondary market.

You say these were in your grandfather's loft ... If this was a consistently cool, dark cellar-like space there is a chance these Ports may still be enjoyable, despite their having been held so long.  If it really was a loft, as in a space under the roof which would have been quite hot in the summer, then chances are these will not be in good condition.  There can be no harm in opening and tasting the wines, and we can only hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

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