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January 16, 2013
Question by: Eleanor, USA


I have a bottle of Port that I bought in 1997 in Portugal, 'said to be very good there."   Please help me to understand what it is and value and drinkability now. ' vinho do porto, jubileu, 1756-1981  from Real Companhia Velha, # on the label bottle neck is 846200, and 01, under that is garantia'.  thank you


Hi Eleanor, From this description, clearly this was some special Port that Real Companhia Velha made to celebrate its 225th anniversary, but you have not quoted anything that tells us what type of Port this is - is it a Vintage, a Reserve Ruby, a Tawny, or some other style of Port?  The Vintage of 1981 was not generally declared, though it is possible RCV did something specifically for this anniversary.  Take another look at the label and then consult our Guide to Port Styles to learn more about the style of your Port.  The numbered Garantia label you describe is simply the label issued by the IVDP, the regional wine regulator, that guarantees the wine is in fact Port wine from the Douro and registered with them.

As far as the value of your bottle, typically only Vintage Ports from the top producers are sought in the secondary market, and any buyer, broker or auctioneer would want assurance that the bottle has been well-cellared since purchase.  If your bottle is in fact Vintage, you may want to consult a local specialist wine merchant or auctioneer for further guidance.

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