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When to Enjoy Your Vintage Ports

June 30, 2013
Question by: John, Barnet, GB


Advice please. Over time I have been given or purchased the following bottles.  Should I be drinking, keeping or even selling?  Many thanks.  Warres Vintage Port 1977, Taylors Vintage Port 1980, Quarles Harris Tercentenay Vintage Port 1980, Grahams Malvedos Vintage Port 1986, Taylor's Quinta de Vargellas Vintage port 1996, Grahams Vintage Port 2000, Dows Crusted Port bottled 2000.  Any help or advice warmly welcomed.


Hi John, That is rather a nice little cellar you have!  We hope the bottles are being kept in good cool, dark cellar conditions to ensure the continued quality of these Ports.  As it ages in bottle, Vintage Port changes its flavour profile from generally full-bodied fruit to more complex and subtle secondary flavours, so the question is really, at what point in that trajectory would you most enjoy your wines?  You may want to read our head winemaker, Charles Symington's discussion of the Lifecycle of Vintage Port in Bottle to learn more.  You can also find tasting notes for the Symington wines here on the Vintage Port Site, which may further guide your decision about enjoying soon or keeping your bottles a little longer:  Warres Vintage Port 1977Quarles Harris Tercentenay Vintage Port 1980, Grahams Malvedos Vintage Port 1986, Grahams Vintage Port 2000.

You have a bottle of Dow's Crusted Port bottled 2000 - Crusted is a style which is released ready to enjoy, though it can age another 5 to 10 years beyond the bottling date.  We would suggest you plan on enjoying this bottle some time soon with family and friends.

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