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1983 Gould Campbell Vintage Port

May 17, 2013
Question by: Gil, Great Britain via Mobile


I have a case of 1983 Gould Campbell Vintage Port.  Is it ready for drinking?  Also how much would the case now be worth?


Hi Gil, In discussing how Vintage Port ages in bottle our winemaker, Charles Symington, cited the wines from the 1980s as drinking beautifully now, saying wines around 25 to 30 years of age are characterised by a wonderful balance of fruit and secondary flavours.  The 1983 Vintage Ports generally are considered outstanding with great capacity for ageing because of their balance and outstanding fruit flavours.  So, to answer your question more directly, your Gould Campbell 1983 Vintage Port should be drinking beautifully now, but there is no rush - if well-cellared this Port will continue to mature beautifully and elegantly.  The Gould Campbell brand generally has a reputation for quality as good or sometimes even better than more well-known names, and UK wine writer and Port specialist Richard Mayson cited the 1983 and 1985 Gould Campbells as particular examples of exactly that quality.

After all of that, naturally we hope you have decided to keep and enjoy your Vintage Port!  Symington Family Estates are not active in the secondary market for Ports, so we are not well placed to advise you on the value of your case.  Your best bet is to consult a specialist wine merchant or broker for advice.  In the UK Berry Bros & Rudd's BBX is an on-line marketplace for re-sale of wines stored in bond with them, and Liv-Ex is the professional fine wine exchange - either of these may have some price history that will guide you.  Alternatively, consult a specialist merchant's wine list, such as Wilkinson Vintners, who focus on fine Ports, or any auctioneer that handles fine wines.  Bear in mind that any potential broker or buyer will want evidence that your wines have been well stored in proper cellar conditions.

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