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Australian Fortified Wine

May 15, 2013
Question by: Matt, Adelaide, Australia


I attended an auction and was a little sentimental about the 1980 (my birth year) Limited Release Orlando VP's. I ended up with 3 bottles. Do you know what they would be valued at and any advice on drinking windows. They are being stored in a cellar.


Hi Matt,  Just as sparkling wine made outside of Champagne, France, is not strictly "Champagne" so fortified wines made outside of the Douro region of Portugal are not strictly "Ports."   As makers of true Port here in Portugal, and not active in the secondary market for Port or any other wines, Symington Family Estates are not the best placed to help you on a query about an Australian fortified wine.  Having just attended the auction and witnessed the bidding for these and perhaps other similar wines, you actually have your answer about their value - what did you and others at the auction pay?  For more information about valuation you might want to consult top Australian wine auctioneer Langton's or a site like Wine Searcher.

We can offer you advice about cellaring your fortified wines, and you may be interested in our winemaker, Charles Symington's discussion of how Port wine ages in bottle - but we can't be sure how similar the development of your wines will be. 


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