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May 15, 2013
Question by: Vince, Liverpool, GB


Good evening, I recently purchased two bottles of vintage port from a local auction room. It was an impulse purchase as they were only 2 of about 6 single bottles in this general antique sale. One was a Taylors 1960 with Harrods Ltd on the label, the other was a Sandeman vintage 1960 bottled in '62. I paid £35 and £45 respectively for each. Has this been a good purchase and when should I ideally drink these.  Many thanks for your assistance.


Hi Vince, The real test of a good purchase is whether you enjoy the wine - whether purchased at auction or in a shop!  Up until 1974 it was common practice for Port producers to ship their wines in cask, which were then bottled by the wine merchants locally - your Taylor's 1960 may have been one of these, or it might have been a wine produced by Taylor's just for Harrod's (what is now known as own-label or white-label wine).

The 1960 Vintage was widely declared and can be a real treat, if the wines have been well-cellared, and they are ready for drinking any time now.  At this age - over 50 years - the flavours are likely to be complex but delicate, with a long finish.  You might be interested in our winemaker, Charles Symington's, overview of how the flavour profile of Vintage Port ages over time in bottle.  If you are not already very familiar with Vintage Port, take a look at our advice about Decanting and Serving Vintage Port.  We hope you enjoy your bottles!

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