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August 26, 2011
Question by: Jan, Denmark


Some years ago I saw a Port Wine Vintage Classification list of best vintages in the past decades.  Do you have anything like this on your site?


The short answer is no, we do not have a consolidated list of simple numerical rankings of vintages, on any of Symington Family Estates's sites. Whilst of course some years produced generally superb or generally not so long-lived wines, the fact is every individual wine is different - one brand can far exceed the "standard" for a given year, or occasionally not live up to expectations.

Instead, on the Vintage Port Site through the Knowledge Base we offer a combination of overviews of the character of each year since 1945, and a broad range of tasting notes for each individual wine.

On the left hand bar of the site is a simple drop down where you can pick the year that interests you. Click GO! and you will get the summary report for the year, with a series of brand icons across the top, representing the wines that were made that year (if you dont see the brand listed, then they did not make a Vintage Port that year). Click on any brand icon to see the detailed notes for that particular wine - both our own notes and reviews from some of the world's top wine critics.

We also have an Advanced Search Function through which you can search, for example, by the name of a critic whose judgments you trust, and get a list of all his or her tasting notes in our database. Or you can search for all wines of a particular rating level.

We hope this will help you find and learn more about some enjoyable Vintage Ports!

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