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Availability of 2011 Vintage Ports in USA

April 24, 2013
Question by: Nathan, USA


Hello,  I would like to know when 2011 vintage ports, in particular Graham's, will be available for purchase in the United States.


Hi Nathan,   Bottling of the 2011 Vintage Ports only began yesterday, and now that Symington Family Estates have declared the 2011 Vintage Ports, our sales team are working with our international distribution network to determine their needs, confirm allocations, and plan shipments.  Typically, the wine is not physically available until the autumn, though some retailers choose not to take delivery till the winter.  Some retailers don't even promote the availability of these Ports until later in the year.

Your best bet is to consult your wine merchant - tell them which Vintage Ports interest you, and find out what their plans are regarding En Primeur campaigns (where sales are confirmed and often paid ex-taxes, but bottles are held in bond or promised for delivery at a later date) and actual physical delivery of bottles.  You may want to consult our article about Purchasing Vintage Port for some more information on this process.

If you need help sourcing any of our Vintage Ports in the USA, our importor is Premium Port Wines.  If you go to the PPW Contact Page you will see a Distributor Locator - drop down the box and pick your state, and the site will then show you the distributor contacts for each of brands in your area (note that in some larger states, there may be regional distributors, e.g. north and south regions).  If you contact the Distributor, they can help you find a local retailer or an on-line merchant that serves your area.

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