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1986 Australian Fortified Wine

April 15, 2013
Question by: Jenny, Brisbane, Australia


My son recieved a bottle of Bailey's Vintage Port 1986 for his birth and wasn't to be opened until his 21st Birthday. I broke that bottle and he is turning 21 in June and I am looking to replace the bottle I broke, do you know of this port or have any vintage ports 1986?


Hi Jenny, Just as sparkling wine made outside of Champagne, France, is not strictly "Champagne" so fortified wines made outside of the Douro region of Portugal are not strictly "Ports."   As makers of true Port here in Portugal, and not active in the secondary market for Port or any other wines, Symington Family Estates are not the best placed to help you on this query. 

That said, if you are referring to the fortified wines made by Baileys of Glenrowan in Victoria, you might contact them through their website, or contact Langton's, the top Australian wine auctioneer, for more local help.

If you are unable to source a replacement bottle of Baileys, you might consider giving your son a bottle of Port from the year of his birth - 1992 was not a declared Vintage, but the Quinta Vintage Ports from that year are excellent, quite concentrated, and worth seeking out; see the list of Vintages Ports made on the 1992 Vintage Report page.  The 1986 Vintage was a difficult one here in the Douro, with few wines produced.  Langton's may be able to help you source these older bottles in Australia.

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