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Warre's Porto Cintra

March 15, 2013
Question by: Hubert, Denmark


I found a bottle in the cellar: Porto Cintra, Grand Corona, of Warre.  Unfortunately, I can't find a picture, to determine which is the vintage wine.  Can you help me?


Hi Hubert, Dominic Symington was able to identify the wine, and gave us this reply:

Grand Corona was an Old Tawny made by Warre’s for Cintra our French distributors brand at the time.  I think this is from some time in the 1960’s. This was before the introduction of the four age indicated wines (10, 20, 30, 40 Year Old Tawnies) and therefore each producer had their own range of branded wines which sometimes had an age indication on them.  Everything about the bottle in the photo appears genuine (although I can’t of course give a cast iron guarantee!)
If the bottle has been reasonably well stored there is no reason to believe that the wine isn’t in perfectly good condition. It may have gone a little hazy & created a slight sediment.  If it’s still drinkable it will have effectively evolved into a “garrafeira” port – being cask aged and then bottle aged.  If it’s still OK it will probably have taken on a fuller almost creamy mouth-feel while still being an old (25 YO) Tawny ... plus, give or take, some 50 years!

We hope you enjoy the bottle.

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