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Australian Fortified Wines

August 19, 2011
Question by: Joan, Salamanda Bay, Australia


Could you please give a value for these wines that were produced by Thomas hardy and sons Adelaide South Australia

1. Vintage port Americas Cup no 2350 ( 6 bottles.)

2. Value also of Classic Vintage Cars (Americas Cup Classics) chassis no 1885 (6 Bottles of Port boxed)

3. Value of America's Cup Classic Australia II - 1978 vintage ( 1-750ml Port in wooden box)


Symington Family Estates are producers of Port in Portugal. We are not active in the secondary market for Port or other fortified wines, so are unable to advise you on the value of your wines.  Your best bet is to contact either Sotheby's or Christie's, as they regularly have wine auctions and are active in the secondary market. Alternatively, there may be a major wine retailer in Australia who buys and sells wine privately, and may be able to assess the value of your wines.

Another possibility would be to search the Port discussion forums, For The Love of Port (USA based)  and The Port Forum (UK based).  Both sites have a global audience and discuss fortified wines generally, not just Port.  You may find tasting notes in their databases of member notes, or other discussion of these wines on their discussion boards, and if not, you can register for free and post your question there to see if any members are familiar with these wines.  Both forums are very friendly and helpful.

Be aware anyone looking to buy or re-sell your wines on your behalf will need to know how the wine has been stored. For more information about buying wines in the secondary market (which will help understand the sell side too) look at our article about Purchasing Vintage Port

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