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2012 Vintage Port

February 4, 2013
Question by: April, Mobile


Hi, just wondering if it is possible to buy a 2012 vintage port? I was wanting to get it as a wedding present for friends that were married in 2012. Thanks.


Hi April,  Vintage Ports are not declared or bottled until the second spring after the harvest - so we won't know about 2012 until some time around April or May of 2014.  If you wish to give your friends a gift of Port to commemorate their wedding, you have a several options:  one would of course be a promise of 2012 Port when it becomes available - even if the Vintage is not declared, the chances are some fine Quinta Vintage Ports will be made - learn more about Declaring a Vintage and Quinta Vintage Ports elsewhere on this site.  Alternatively, in the short term you might offer them a bottle of Vintage from some other significant year - a year of birth, for example, or the year in which the couple met or became engaged.  Currently wines are available from the 2010 Vintage or earlier.  Take a look at our Knowledge Base to see every harvest since 1945 and which brands or quintas produced wines in that year - on the left hand margin of the site, under Knowledge Base, use the Select Year drop down box to pick the year that interests you, and click Go.

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