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Port for a Christening Present

November 21, 2012
Question by: Julie, Mobile


Hi, we are wanting to buy 2 bottles of port for our godsons christening that can be kept until their 21st birthdays.  Please advise how much I need to spend? I would like it to be Graham's Port as the surname of the children in Graham.


Hi Julie, The most recently declared Graham's Vintage Port is the 2007, which is a superb wine, your godsons will definitely thank you!  If you wish to purchase bottles from the vintage of your godsons' births then in May or June of next year we will announce what wines we have made from 2011, and you will have to wait till 2014 to know about the 2012 Vintage releases. 

For pricing, we really have to refer you to your local wine merchants or a wine shopping comparison site like Wine-Searcher - pricing is heavily dependent on local taxes and duties which in some countries can nearly double the ex-cellar cost.  Generally, Vintage Port is least expensive when offered on release - depending on the scarcity of the wine and the critics' reception, prices may climb in later years. 

Take a look at our article about Purchasing Vintage Port:  One way to manage the expense of a newly released Vintage is to buy it "in bond" - this means that you will pay only the cost of the wine (no taxes or duties) at the time of purchase, and the wine will be held in your merchant's own cellar - often a good idea if you do not have a wine cellar at home yourself.  When you (or your godsons) take delivery of the wine out of bonded storage, then you (or they) will pay the taxes and customs duties at the then prevailing rate.  Discuss this option with your wine merchant and be sure to understand their policies about payment - they may vary.

Another option is to consider buying Graham's Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port - the 1999 is currently in the market and the 2001 is just now being released as merchants sell out of the 1999.  Quinta Vintage Ports are generally priced a little more modestly than brand Vintage Ports, as they generally are not expected to have as long a life - though certainly they will be good for 50 years or so!  The Symington family took some of our Quinta Vintage Ports on the road to London and Lisbon last year to demonstrate the remarkable quality and longevity of these Ports.

Finally, if you choose to store the Port yourself, do look at our guidelines for cellaring your Vintage Port - proper storage is crucial to ensuring the quality of the Port your godsons will enjoy when they open the bottles 20, 30 or 50 years hence!

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