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Information about a 1970

August 15, 2011
Question by: Ed, Cupar, Great Britain


I have one bottle of Serafim Cabrals 1970 Vintage Port but can find no information on it. I see plenty about a much older vintage but nothing else. Please can you tell me anything about this port. If it helps the label reports Serafim Cabral LDA being in the "Vila Nova De Gai" and that the port is produce of Portugal - nothing else!


Hi Ed, Since this is not one of our brands, we are unable to tell you anything about the wine or maker.  One note on the label: up until 1986 all Port, by law, had to be shipped through Vila Nova de Gaia, so that is in order.  I have checked Michael Broadbent's book Vintage Wine and under a list of "Other '70s that one might come across, mainly last noted in the early 1990s" he lists "Cabral" with a single star (he rates from one to five stars, five being the top end of the scale), but no tasting note.  It also appears this is the only mention of the maker in this book.   Two suggestions:  1970 was an outstanding Vintage, and you can read an overview of the vintage and viticultural year in our Knowledge Base report for 1970 here.  You might also try posing your question on the discussion boards at either or both The Port Forum (UK based) or For The Love of Port (USA based).  Many of the members there have tasted widely across a range of small brands and all vintages, and people on both forums are incredibly friendly and helpful.

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