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Faulty Port

November 8, 2012
Question by: Graham, Norfolk, UK


At a dinner party last weekend I had a bottle of 1977 Warre's Port which was corked, this was the first bottle of Port I have had corked in thirty years in the wine business. I still have several bottles of 1977 Port in my cellar.  Is this something I’ve kept too long? My dinner guest that evening was a visitor from a winery in South Africa, it was a first for him also.  Please advise on my remaining bottles should they be consumed soon? or can I keep them?


Hi Graham, We are very sad to hear this bottle was a disappointment. Warre's 1977 is a lovely wine that is drinking extremely well at the moment but will definitely continue in great condition for some years to come.  Regrettably "cork taint", as you know, is something that can happen at random and therefore there is absolutely no indication that the other bottles will also suffer the same fate.  Althought significantly less common with Port wines, TCA can still occur.  Your wine has not been kept too long, nor should you worry about hastening to consume your Port for fear of further contamination - we, and our customers, have enjoyed hundreds of faultless bottles of Warre's 1977 (and all Symington Ports).

Symington Family Estates conducts extensive quality testing on every batch of corks we receive before releasing them for use on the bottling line, and we do reject entire deliveries if our testing shows any sign of TCA.  You can read more about our quality assurance process for cork on the Graham's Blog - and rest assured, the process is the same for the corks used in all of our brands of both Port and Douro DOC wines.

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