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Old Bottle of Reserve Tawny

September 23, 2012
Question by: Mary, Mount Juliet TN, USA


I have a bottle of Delaforce Reserve Tawny Porto.  I think this wine is from 1982 or it valuable, and is it still worthy to drink?


Hi Mary,  A Reserve Tawny Port is a blend of wines which have been aged in cask between 4 and 7 years before being blended and bottled. Since the wines have been aged by the exposure to air seeping through the pores of the wooden casks (a process called micro-oxygenation), this wine is considered mature and ready to drink at the time of bottling.  Tawny Port is not a style that is meant to be aged in bottle, and the wine will not mature and develop its character the way Vintage Port would.

If your bottle has been stored well, in a cool dark place, it may still be quite enjoyable – it is certainly worth opening one evening.  We recommend serving Tawny Ports lightly chilled - this will actually enhance the aromatics and flavours.

Generally, only Vintage Ports from top producers are sought in the secondary market, so it is unlikely this bottle has any re-sale value.  We hope you will enjoy it!

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