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Warre's Grand Reserve Port 1965

July 10, 2012
Question by: Michiel, Tiel, NL


I'm able to buy 12 bottles of Warre's Grand Reserve Port 1965, but I can't find any information about this port on the internet. Can you please inform me about this port, if it probably is in fine conditions or not, and what they are aprox worth at this time?


Hi Michiel, Grand Reserve Port is an older name used for what is now more generally known as a Colheita - a Port wine blended from wines from one year's harvest, but aged in small cask as a Tawny.  The Warre's website has some notes about Colheitas currently available, which will give you some idea of the style of this type of Port.  As it is a single-year wine, you will want to read our Harvest Report for 1965 to get an idea of conditions and wine quality that year.

Symington Family Estates are not active in the secondary market for Port, so we cannot advise you on valuation.  Your best bet is to consult wine exchanges such as Berry Brothers & Rudd's BBX, or Liv-Ex to see if this or similar wines are listed, or consult a specialist merchant or auction house which routinely handles fine wines, such as Bonham's, Christie's or Sotheby's

Regarding the condition of the wine - as a Colheita has been aged in small cask, and therefore exposed to air during its ageing, it is bottled ready to enjoy and would not develop in flavour the way a traditional Vintage Port would in bottle.  On the other hand, if this has been well cellared - kept in cool, dark conditions - it could still be quite enjoyable. Examine the bottles to look for signs of leakage, ullage (a low level of liquid in the bottle, which would indicate some evaporation has taken place) or other signs of poor storage.

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