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Old Bottle of Delaforce Port

July 9, 2012
Question by: Louise, Knutsford, GB


My mother has just passed away and I have found an enormous bottle of Delaforce His Eminence's Choice Port.  No clues on label as to date or size of bottle but would have thought twice the size of a wine bottle.  Very old label picture of men round table with wigs on eating and drinking.  Can you give me some help as to how to get a valuation and how to sell?


Hi Louise, Delaforce made a 10 Year Old Tawny Port under the name His Eminence's Choice.  This is a style of Port which is blended from wines which have been aged in cask, with the average age of the blend being not less than 10 years.   After blending the Tawny Port is bottled and sold ready for enjoyment, and not intended to be aged in bottle for any great length of time.  If the wine has been stored in a cool dark place it may still be in drinkable condition.  As it was never intended for ageing, this style of Port is not generally sought in the secondary market and is unlikely to have any resale value. 

Ten Year Old Tawnies are quite enjoyable lightly chilled and can be served as an aperitif or with cheese, fruit, or fruit desserts such as an apple or pear tart.

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