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Graham's 1994

July 21, 2011
Question by: Luuk, Amsterdam


A gift is merely a gift when there's no exciting story behind it. I've bought the Graham's Vintage 1994 for a friend of mine, and of course I'd like to tell him more about the port and its exclusivity. I've found a lot of information on the port such as the tasting notes etc. Could you tell me how many bottles there were made of the Vintage 1994? Also, is it true its value increases every year? Like to hear from you soon. Kind regards


Hi Luuk, Your friend is very lucky - Graham's 1994 is lovely wine, I just enjoyed it recently myself.  For the story behind the wine, of course I trust you have looked up the 1994 Vintage Report in our Knowledge Base, as well as the detailed tasting notes for Graham's 1994.  For more information about Graham's generally and our quintas, the Graham's website is an excellent resource, as is our Graham's Blog - besides the Home Page which contains our ongoing feed of blog stories, there are a number of static pages with information and photos about the quintas, the terroir and how the wine is made. 

Regarding the 1994 production, I do not have exact figures, but a typical Graham's Vintage, under reasonable conditions, would produce around 6,000 cases (12 x 75cl).  Finally, regarding the value of the wine:  fine wines such as Vintage Port, if well cellared, do typically increase in value over the years, but as with any commodity market, there are no promises of how much it might increase in value, or how quickly.  We do not engage in the secondary market ourselves, if you wished to get a valuation for this or any wine you would do best to consult a major wine merchant or auction house.  In the Netherlands we suggest you contact the wine merchant Wijnkoperij Luuc van Boort  or auctioneers Christies or Sothebys, both of whom have fine wine departments and offices in Amsterdam.  We hope your friend enjoys the wine!

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