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1994 Vintage Ports

July 6, 2012
Question by: Nicholas, Paris, France


1. I  am fortunate to own several cases of Graham, Dow, Warre and Croft 1994 Vintage Port. Please could you place in order of quality for drinking over the next ten years which your preferred ports would be? If possible give them a comparative rating on a scale of 1 to 10.
2. These ports are stored with a prime London wine merchant. How would you go about selling those wines surplus to my own requirements to obtain the maximum return?


Hi Nicholas, As you will see from the range of recent tasting notes on each the Graham's 1994, Dow's 1994 and Warre's 1994, all three wines are very highly regarded and wonderful to drink now if you like the rich, fruit driven flavour profile of a young Vintage Port, but all three are expected to age magnificently (you can read more about the maturation of Vintage Port in our article about the Lifecycle of Vintage Port).  We would suggest you think about which wine to drink in terms of which brand's style suits your mood or preference on any given occasion - the rich sweet Graham's, dryer spicier Dow's or the elegant Warre's.  As Croft is made by our competitors, we naturally cannot offer an opinion on this wine, but a search of specialist Port sites will turn up tasting notes and discussion that may help you - see our Internet Resources page for a full list and links to dedicated Port sites from around the world.

If your wines are in bond with a top merchant, they can offer you the best advice about the secondary market - Symington Family Estates is not active in the secondary market for Port.  Berry Brothers & Rudd run the BBX virtual wine market for wines held in bond by them, and you might also look at Liv-Ex global wine exchange site for guide prices and information.

But we really hope you will enjoy the wines yourself - they are beauties!  The 1994 Vintage is widely regarded as one of the best of the 20th Century, and as you say yourself, you are very fortunate to have all these wines in your cellar.

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