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1960 and 1957 Port

July 19, 2011
Question by: John, Sheffield, Great Britain


I have purchased 12 bottles Feuerheerd vintage 1960 and 12 bottles of their 1957 vintage, can you tell me anything about them and value please.  Thank you.


Hi John, Naturally Symington Family Estates is not in a position to comment on the quality of our competitors' wines.  You can read general overviews of the viticultural conditions and general quality of wines produced every year since 1945 here on the Vintage Port Site, however:  1957 was declared by only a few shippers, and 1960 was quite widely declared and generally well regarded.

To learn more about Feuerheerd, you might search The Port Forum and For The Love of Port, which are discussion-board sites where you are very likely to learn more, or post a thread with your questions.

Finally, as far as any resale value of your bottles, Symington Family Estates are not active in the secondary market, so we cannot advise you on saleability or value of your wines.  In the UK your best resources are Berry Brothers and Rudd, in London, who manage BBX, an active on line service for private purchase and sale of fine wines.  Contact them directly through the site with any questions.  You might also consider contacting either Christie's or Sotheby's who regularly hold auctions of fine old wines.  Be aware that any broker or buyer will want to know more about when and where the wines were purchased, and how they have been stored since then.  It may be helpful if you read the article on this site about Purchasing Vintage Port, to give you an idea of some of the issues you will encounter as a seller. 

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