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Port as a Christening Present

June 21, 2012
Question by: Matthew, Edinburgh, Scotland


I have recently been asked to be a Godfather to my best friend's first son. As christening gift I would like to buy a case of port of a recent vintage which will increase in value in 25 years and can then either be drunk or sold.  This is something my Godfather did for me so I would like to carry on the tradition.  Can you help recommend a very recent good vintage?


Hi Matthew, A case of Vintage Port as a christening present is indeed a wonderful and traditional gift.  Vintage Port from declared years and top brands are certain to retain their value and quality if well stored until the recipient is of legal age (or of course for years beyond!).  Our most recent declaration was the Warre's 2009, which was a special declaration to commemorate the freedom of Porto from French occupation during the Peninsular War, as Captain William Warre of the port-making family was instrumental in the final battle; read more about this wine in our news article about the release of Warre's 2009.  Proceeds from the sale of this Port benefit veteran's charities in England and Portugal.

Alternatively, 2007 was widely declared, and all our brands released 2007 Vintage Ports - see the details in our 2007 Vintage Report, which has links to details of all Ports declared. You should have no trouble locating Graham's, Dow's or Warre's, but you might also look at some of the niche brands - Quinta do Vesuvio is still made entirely by foot treading in granite lagares, and Quinta de Roriz is lovely, with hints of minerality.  In the UK a top on-line merchant with a good selection of these Vintage Ports is Berry Brothers & Rudd, who can also offer bonded storage if your friends do not have a cellar to hold the wines till their child is an adult.

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