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Dow's 1948

May 24, 2012
Question by: Andrew, UK


I have come across a bottle of port that purports to be Dows 1948 vintage. Having checked online it does not appear that Dows released a 1948 vintage.  Could you confirm if this year was released by your company?


Hi Andrew, Does the label by any chance say "Dow's Quinta do Bomfim" 1948?  We did make the Quinta Vintage in that year.  If it says only "Dow's", no Vintage Port was declared, but... During and after World War II it was difficult to ship Port - during the war for the obvious reasons, and afterwards because quite simply the UK and Europe were still in conditions of austerity and recovery, people just were not buying luxuries like Port, and merchants couldn't even get the glass to bottle the wines which at that time were imported in cask.  However, occasionally a merchant would contact us and ask for Port, and we would ship a cask or two to meet the specific demand, or the wine might have been bottled in Porto, which was very unusual at the time.  We do not have full records of all of these kinds of shipments, so we still come up with surprises.  It is possible your bottle is the result of this kind of special arrangement.

Paul Symington recently mentioned he had come across a Graham's 1946 like this, and a friend found some Graham's 1942 in an auction - neither of these are officially "Declared."

1948 was a wonderful year - you might want to look at the Vintage Report and the notes for the Graham's 1948.  We really hope that bottle has been well cellared and you will enjoy it!  Take a look at our notes about Decanting Port older than 40 years.

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