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Change in Bottle Design

May 24, 2012
Question by: Dorsey, USA


I am sooo distressed.  When you changed the Cockburn Port bottle you added the dimple in the bottom.  I have been making a water glass set from those bottles and now I can't complete the set.  I didn't mind the bigger logo.... it still would fit in but with the dimple, they no longer can be made into glasses. :-(   Just wanted you to know that change is not appreciated.  The port was fabulous before and it didn't need a dimple in the bottle to be any better.


Hi Dorsey,  When Symington Family Estates acquired the Cockburn's brand in December 2010 we reviewed all aspects of the packaging, among other things.  In August 2011 we began using a new bottle which, for a variety of technical reasons, was better for ensuring the quality of the wine in shipping and storage.  The dimple in the bottom is actually there to make pouring a bit easier - if you have ever observed a sommelier or bar tender they hold their thumb in that dimple and support the bottle with the other four fingers underneath, enabling them to pour easily whilst allowing customers to see the label of the bottle. 

Our distributor in the USA is Premium Port Wines.  If you go to this contact page, look for the "Distributor Locator" drop down list - that lists all 50 States, and when you select your home state, you will find the contact details for the distributor(s) in your area.  Contact them, explain to them exactly which Cockburn's Port you are looking for, and it is possible they could help you find some older stock to complete your set.

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