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Port as a Christening Present

May 22, 2012
Question by: Gareth, Portsmouth, UK


I want to give a bottle of vintage port as a christening present that will be suitable for drinking when he is 18, in 2029. What would you suggest?


Hi Gareth, this is a lovely idea, and Port is the perfect gift as it ages so beautifully, it will be drinking well throughout the lifetime of the child if they want to hold it for some other occasion than their coming of age. 

It sounds as if the child was born in 2011.  We will not know until next May whether 2011 will be a declared year, or whether we will be bottling Quinta Vintage Ports.  So you have two choices:  one is to wait a year before making the purchase and gift, so you will be able to secure birth year wines.  Alternatively, you could purchase either of the 2010 Vintage Ports that were just released:  Quinta do Vesuvio 2010 or Dow's Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira 2010.  Both of these are being bottled now and will be shipped in coming months, but you will need to speak to your wine merchant to reserve your order, as these tend to go fast, and the Senhora da Ribeira was a small bottling.  In the UK, Vintage Marque is an online-only merchant, but they are closely affiliated with our distributors, so you can contact them for help find a merchant locally if you prefer.  Alternatively, Berry Brothers & Rudd in London also are a top on-line retailer of wine, and they will be able to hold your purchase in bond in the child's name, ensuring perfect storage conditions until they wish to enjoy the Port.

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