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Laying Down Port For the Future

May 13, 2012
Question by: Joe, Toronto, Canada


I am totally naive when it comes to anything about wine.  I would like to purchase a case of wine from the year 2008 (my twin girls yr of birth).  I would like to keep it until their 21st birthday or even longer (perhaps wedding).  What am I looking for and where do I start?  Thanks in Advance.


Hi Joe, This is a lovely plan, and Vintage Port is the perfect wine for this kind of gift, as it ages beautifully for a lifetime, and can be enjoyed at any point in its ageing cycle, whether for a 21st birthday, a wedding or any other celebration through to 50th birthdays and beyond.

In Canada, the Liquor Boards control the selection and availabiity of all wines and spirits, which can limit your selection.  2008 was a viticulturally challenging year and we chose to bottle Quinta Vintage Ports - ports made from the grapes from just one quinta within the group of quintas that might contribute grapes to a declared brand name port.  Our distributor in Canada advises that the Liquor Boards chose to import only the Dow's Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira 2008.  He advises "there remain in Toronto nine bottles of Dow's Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira Vintage Port 2008, which can be viewed on the Vintages Fine Wine & Premium Spirits Website for stock level and store availability.  I would suggest to the inquirer to rush to the LCBO Younge Summerhill LCBO Store and buy the bottles in question."

If you have trouble sourcing the 2008, you might consider looking at the 2007 Vintage Ports.  2007 was widely declared and both the Warre's 2007 and Smith Woodhouse 2007 are listed on the Vintages website as still widely available.

Finally, you will want to store the wine carefully whlst it matures to ensure its good condition when your daughters come of age and are ready to celebrate - consult our reference article about Storing Vintage Port for advice.

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