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Purchasing 2010 Vintage Ports - USA

May 9, 2012
Question by: Mark, Wisconsin, USA


I am interested in purchasing Dow’s Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira Vintage Port 2010 in commemoration of the birth of my first child in 2010.  Are there any online distributors who sell this vintage?


Hi Mark,  We are working with our distributors now to allocate supplies of the Quinta do Vesuvio 2010 and the Dow's Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira 2010 and we are still bottling the 2010s this month!  We will begin worldwide shipping in June.  By all means, contact your retailer of choice now, however, to register your interest in these Ports and reserve your order.  To find a retail outlet or on-line distributor in the USA we can suggest two things: 

First would be to use a service like Wine Searcher to find retailers who currently offer previous vintages of Dow's or Dow's Senhora da Ribeira, and contact them to ask when they will be taking orders for the 2010. 

Second would be to look at the website for our importers in the USA, Premium Port Wines.  If you look on their Contact Page you can use the Distributor Locator to find the contacts for your state in this case Wisconsin - on a quick check, there are two distributors for Dow's, and you can contact them to find out their plans and timing for distributing the 2010s, and they can recommend a retailer near you or an on-line source that can ship within Wisconsin.

Frank Liquor, PO Box 620710, Middleton, Phone:  608-836-6000

Badger Liquor Co., Inc., 850 Morris Street, Fond Du Lac, WI 54935, Phone:  920-923-8160

Finally, if you have no luck there, contact PPW's Sales Representative for the region, Michael Donygan, MichaelD at premiumport dot com  815-782-4504  (use the usual symbols in the email address, we just type them out here to avoid spam)

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