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Unmarked Bottles

March 27, 2012
Question by: Matt, Canberra, Australia


I was given 6 bottles of port from my grandma which is said to have been racked for 30 years and she's not sure what year it was made. All bottles are the same and compared to off the shelf ports it is absolutely inferior. I have polished off 2 bottles but a description is average height bottle, dark green and has gm on the bottom but un-labeled, thats all I can give. Has anyone had any bottle like this and would it be vintage being so old?


Hi Matt, There are a few possibilities here: one is that it is indeed Port from Portugal which was shipped prior to 1974 in cask to a merchant who then bottled it themselves for local sale. The second possibility, given your location in Australia, is that this is an Australian fortified wine, not a true Portuguese Port. You don't mention the cork or seal at all - many merchants would brand the cork to indicate the provenance or at least the vintage year of the wine, particularly if it was a top name producer. In either case, your best bet would be to show the bottles to a local specialist merchant who may be able to recognise any markings on the bottle as a way of identifying the source. Another possibility is that this may have been someone's "garage wine" - many small vineyard owners bottle wine for their own use which is then shared with friends and extended family, and these kinds of bottles are often wholly unmarked.

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