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Cockburns Quinta dos Canais 2014

Release Notes

Quinta dos Canais has always provided the bedrock of Cockburn’s legendary Vintage Ports and for several decades the Touriga Nacional has been at their heart. This variety was saved from near extinction largely through Cockburn’s farsighted research work during the 1970s and 1980s and thanks to Cockburn’s and a small handful of others, the Touriga Nacional was saved from oblivion. The absence of Touriga Nacional would be unthinkable to any Port winemaker, considering the importance the variety represents for producing outstanding Vintage Port. Today, approximately one third of Canais is planted with Touriga Nacional.

Bottling – 2,500x12/75cl.

Alcohol – 20% v/v.

Total Acidity – 4.5 g/l.

Baumé 3.7°

Tasting Notes

Symington Family Estates critic

Symington Family Estates source
2016 tasting note year
The Canais 2014 has an inky purple/black colour. It has the typical lifted floral aromas (violets, roses) of the Touriga Nacional, which makes up 70% of the wine. The wine is well structured with an excellent balance, underscored by the fresh acidity and the ‘grip’ provided by the peppery tannins. The contributions made by the late ripening Touriga Franca (which was much more successful at Canais than in most other parts of the Douro) and the Sousão, complement the Touriga Nacional very successfully, giving the wine a sense of balance and completeness.

More about Cockburn's Quinta dos Canais

To learn more about Cockburn's here on The Vintage Port Site, read a concise Profile of the Cockburn's Brand, and a detailed viticultural profile of Quinta dos Canais.  If you would like to learn even more about Cockburn's history and the full range of Ports styles offered, visit the Cockburn's website.

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