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Quinta do Vesuvio 2011

Release Notes

Touriga Nacional makes up 40% of the Vesuvio 2011 Vintage Port, delivering freshness, structure and phenomenal colour, as well as gorgeous aromas of esteva (rockrose). The other principal component, Touriga Franca (45% of the blend) realized its full potential in 2011, ripening fully and evenly.  Sourced from the predominantly west-facing Vale da Teja vineyard (30 years is the average age of these plantings), the Franca provided superb floral characteristics (violets, roses) and velvety tannins, contributing exceptional elegance to the overall blend. True to its typical late ripening cycle, the Franca was last to be picked from the 1st to the 9th of October.  The balance of the blend is made up with small quantities of Tinta Barroca (10%) and Tinta Amarela (5%).  All of the Quinta do Vesuvio Port wines are foot-trodden in the famous stone lagares in the traditional manner.

Quinta do Vesuvio 2011 Vintage Port is a beautiful, powerful and aromatic wine with a heady floral fragrance. On the palate it gives sumptuous liquorice and blueberry flavours, which coat the well-integrated peppery tannins. A crisp acidity underscores the wine’s profile, revealing a wine that is supple, yet taut. This is a beautifully balanced wine with the classic Vesuvio velvet-like elegance that has turned this Quinta into one of the greatest producers of Vintage Port in the Douro over the last 20 years.

Production: 1,250 cases - 12/75cl
Winemakers: Charles Symington and Mário Natário

Alcohol by volume: 20% v/v (20ºC)
Total acidity: 4.45 (g/l)
Baumé: 3.90

Tasting Notes

Jamie Goode critic source
2013 tasting note year

Very sweet, open and pretty with berry and cherry fruit.  Seductive, smooth and sweet with lushness and a supple personality.  Lovely fruit purity, with some hidden spicy tannins adding proper structure. Very fine and velvety with real elegance.

Score: 93-96/100

Sarah Ahmed critic source
2013 tasting note year

Now this is showy.  Exuberantly fruited with flamboyantly perfumed and peppery blueberry, kirsch and black cherry fruit well girdled by powerful but ripe, velvety tannins.

Richard Mayson critic source
2013 tasting note year

Stately property belonging to the Symingtons in the Douro Superior making top quality Vintage Port nearly every year:  lovely ripe, minty fruit with broad ripe tannins rising in the mouth, just a touch hollow on the finish suggesting a good mid-term wine.  2025 – 40 +

Score: 4 Stars, 17 Points

More about Quinta do Vesuvio

To learn more about Quinta do Vesuvio here on The Vintage Port Site, read a concise Profile of the Quinta do Vesuvio Brand, and a detailed viticultural profile of Quinta do Vesuvio

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